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Our members are here to help journalists and other non-specialists deliver authoritative, nuanced understandings of the ways in which businesses have operated in their wider social, political, economic, and cultural worlds.
Marina Moskowitz
School of Humanities, University of Glasgow
Research Interests: material and visual culture, landscape and the built environment, business and consumption, constructions of the middle class

I am a cultural historian of the United States in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. I have particular interestings in material and visual culture; landscape and the built environment; business and consumption; and constructions of the middle class. My own academic background is in...

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Interest Groups of the BHC

In recent years, the Business History Conference has sprouted several interest groups that have coalesced around perceived needs. The first two, "Women in Business History" and "Business Historians at Business Schools," meet informally over lunch at the annual meeting to discuss issues in the profession and to network. The "Emerging Scholars" group began informally, but its leadership now constitutes one of the BHC standing committees.