Annual Meeting Abstracts

2017 BHC Meeting

Gregory Ablavsky, The Rise of Federal Title
Graeme G. Acheson, Gareth Campbell, and John D. Turner, Common Law and the Origin of Shareholder Protection
Mark Billings, Philip Garnett, and Simon Mollan, Amalgamation and Survival in Lancashire Banking
R. Daniel Wadhwani and Christina Lubinski, Toward a New Entrepreneurial History

2016 BHC Meeting

Steven Bank, Brian Cheffins, and Harwell Wells, Executive Compensation: What Worked?
Peter Jaskiewicz, James Combs, and Sabine Rau, A Theory of Entrepreneurial Exaptation

2015 BHC-EBHA Meeting

Thankom Arun and Mitchell J. Larson, Hybrids in Financial Services: The Case of Microfinance
Stephanie Decker, R Daniel Wadhwani, Matthias Kipping, New Business Histories! Plurality in Business History Research Methods
Giovanni Favero, Stephanie Decker, Niall MacKenzie, and Andrew Perchard, Quantitative Information in Organisations and Society: For a Micro-Historical Ethnostatistics
Louis Galambos and Franco Amatori, The Entrepreneurial Multiplier
Mikael Lönnborg and Michael Rafferty, Winners and Losers in Times of Financial Crises
Mary A. O'Sullivan, Dividends of Development
Robert E. Wright, Business History > Piketty

2014 BHC Meeting

2013 BHC Meeting

Graeme Acheson, Gareth Campbell, John D. Turner, and Nadia Vanteeva, Corporate Ownership and Control in Victorian Britain
Teresa da Silva Lopes and Paulo Guimaraes, Trademarks and British Dominance in Consumer Goods, 1876-1914

2012 BHC Meeting

Franco Amatori and Daniela Felisini, A Special Kind of Management: IRI, 1950-1980
Federico Barbiellini Amidei, John Cantwell, and Anna Spadavecchia, Innovation and Foreign Technology in Italy, 1861-2011
Steven A. Bank, Brian R. Cheffins, and Harwell Wells, Questioning "Law and Finance": U.S. Stock Market Development, 1930-1970
William Lazonick and Yin Li, China's Path to Indigenous Innovation
Miguel A. López-Morell and Luciano Segreto, The International Mercury Cartel, 1928-1949

2011 BHC Meeting

Kimmo Alajoutsijärvi, Kerttu Kettunen, and Henrikki Tikkanen, The Institutional Evolution of Business Schools in Finland, 1909-2009
Thomas H. Eyssell, St. Louis and the Automobile
William Lazonick and Edward March, The Rise and Demise of Lucent Technologies
Christina Lubinski and Geoffrey Jones, Trust and Risk: Beiersdorf, 1914-1990

2010 BHC Meeting

Robert Russ, Edward N. Coffmann, Gary John Previts, and Chester H. Brearey, Enron's Leaking Bucket or the Unintended Consequence of a Regulatory Change

2009 BHC/EBHA Meeting

Neveen Abdelrehim, Josephine Maltby, and Steven Toms, Oil Nationalization and Managerial Response: The Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, 1951
Carl Magnus Bjuggren, Hans Sjögren, and Dan Johannson, Family Business, Employment, and GDP
Emma Hogg and Elisabeth Field, The Ethics of Promoting Skinny Fashion Models
Santiago López, Jesus M. Valdaliso, Aitziber Elola, and Mari Jose Aranguren, Social Capital, Competitiveness and Internationalization: The Electronics and ICT Cluster of the Basque Country
Helen Lynn, Toxic Beauty

2008 BHC Meeting

Harry Knowles, Greg Patmore, and John Shields, Backdoor Bankers: The Origins of Citigroup's Australia Operations
Angel Kwolek-Folland, Terry M. Dworkin, Cindy Schipani, and Virginia Maurer, Women and Organizational Leadership: International Dimensions
Paul W. Rhode, Fabian Lange, and Alan Olmstead, The Impact of the Boll Weevil, 1892-1932
Janette Rutterford, David Green, Alastair Owens, and Josephine Maltby, Women Investors in England and Wales: A Class on their Own?

2007 BHC Meeting

Jeffrey J. Archambault and Marie E. Archambault, Financial Reporting among Unregulated Industrial Companies in 1920
Naomi Lamoreaux, Margaret Levenstein, and Kenneth L. Sokoloff, Do Innovative Regions Inevitably Decline? Lessons from Cleveland's Experience in the 1920s
Timothy Leunig, Nicholas Crafts, and Abay Mulatu, Which Was the Best-Managed Railroad in Britain a Century Ago?
R. Daniel Wadhwani and Geoffrey Jones, Entrepreneurial Theory and the History of Globalization

2006 BHC Meeting

2005 BHC Meeting

2004 BHC Meeting

Ann Carlos, Larry Neal, and Kirsten Wandschneider, Broker Networks during the South Sea Bubble: The Strength of Weak Ties
Florence Brachet Champsaur, French Fashion during the First World War
Álvaro Ferreira da Silva and Ana Cardoso de Matos, The Networked City: Power and Water Utilities in Portugal, 1850s-1920s
Thomas David, Martin Lüpold, André Mach, and Gerhard Schnyder, with the collaboration of Stéphane Bacciochi, Company Networks in Switzerland: The Formation of the "Fortress of the Alps"
Gabriel Galvez-Behar, Technical Networks at Schneider
Yoichi Kobayakawa, William Lazonick, Tsuneo Suzuki, and Kazuo Wada, Business Networks in Japanese Industry in the Late Meiji Era
Naomi Lamoreaux, Margaret C. Levenstein, and Kenneth Sokoloff, Financing Invention during the Second Industrial Revolution: Cleveland Ohio, 1870-1920

2003 BHC-EBHA Meeting

Hideaki Miyajima, Yusuke Omi, and Nao Saito, Corporate Governance and Performance in Twentieth-Century Japan
Robin Pearson and Mikael Lönnborg, Regulatory Regimes and the Globalization of Insurance