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The Oxford Journals Doctoral Colloquium

The Oxford Journals Doctoral Colloquium in Business History annually offers a small group of graduate students an opportunity to work intensively on their dissertations with distinguished Business History Conference-affiliated scholars, including at least two BHC officers. The Director of the Doctoral Colloquium is Pamela W. Laird of the University of Colorado Denver.

The 2014 Doctoral Colloquium will be held in conjunction with the Business History Conference annual meeting in Frankfurt, Germany. Participants will discuss dissertation proposals, relevant literatures and research strategies, and employment opportunities in business history. The personnel for the 2014 Colloquium are:

Kenneth Lipartito, Florida International University, BHC Past-President
Mary Yeager, University of California, Los Angeles, BHC President-Elect
Steven Tolliday, University of Leeds, BHC former President
Núria Puig, Complutense University Madrid
Student Liaison:
Michael Aldous, London School of Economics and Political Science
"Avoiding 'Negligency and Confusion'? Re-evaluating the Role of the Partnership in Nineteenth-Century British Trading Firms in India"

Participants are chosen through a competitive application process, announced with each year's meeting call for papers. This year's Colloquium members and their topics are:

Victoria Barnes, University of Reading
English Law and the Emergence of the Joint Stock Banking Company, 1826-1844

Chambi Seithy Chachage, Harvard University
Capitalizing Cities: The Emergence of Entrepreneurial Elites in African Commercial Capitals and the Growth of Black Business in the Global Economy

Elizabeth Harmon, University of Michigan
Incorporating for Social Good: Philanthropic Foundations and the Origins of Social Enterprise (1860-1920)

Fei He, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
The Resumption of Trade Relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the People's Republic of China, 1949-1976

Arun Kumar, Lancaster University
Philanthropy in Post/Colonial India: Tatas' Giving for/to the Modern (Neoliberal) Nation

Ishva Minefee, University of Illinois
The Power to Resist? An Evolution of Corporate Responses to Anti-Apartheid Activism, 1948-1994

Shawn Moura, University of Maryland
Development Begins at Home: Women and the Domestic Economy in Brazil, 1945-1975

Shaun S. Nichols, Harvard University
Crisis Capital: The Making and Un-Making of Industrial Massachusetts, 1873-Present

Jesse T. Tarbert, Case Western Reserve University
When Good Government Meant Big Government: Elite Reformers and American State in the New Era, 1920-1933

Sean H. Vanatta, Princeton University
Constituting Credit Capitalism: The Political Economy of Bank Credit Cards in Postwar America

We are most grateful for the generous support of Oxford Journals, which makes the Doctoral Colloquium possible.

Questions concerning the Colloquium should be directed to Pamela Laird.

Directions from the Youth Hostel (Haus der Jugend) to Colloquium Dinner

On Foot (see map)

From the hostel head west on "Deutschherrnufer," continue onto "Sachsenhäuser Ufer" and then onto "Schaumainkai." Turn right onto the bridge "Eiserner Steg," turn right onto "Mainkai." Turn left onto "Fahrtor," slight left at "Saalgasse," continue straight onto "Neue Kräme," continue onto "Liebfrauenstraße." Turn left onto "Zeil," turn right onto "An der Hauptwache." Continue onto "Große Eschenheimer Straße," continue onto the tower "Eschenheimer Tor." Continue onto "Oeder Weg." Destination will be on the right. Your walk will take approximately 25 minutes. Map of route

Via Public Transport

From the hostel head west on "Deutschherrenufer", turn right onto the bridge "Alte Brücke." Continue onto "Kurt-Schumacher-Straße." After a few meters you will find the bus station "Schöne Aussicht." Take line 36 in direction "Frankfurt (Main) Westbahnhof" to "Frankfurt (Main) Eschenheimer Tor" (the line operates in 10-minute intervals). Continue a few meters on "Oeder Weg." Destination will be on the right. Your travel will take approximately 20 minutes.