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Oxford Journals Article Prize Recipients

In 1992, the Newcomen Society of the United States began sponsoring an award for the best paper presented at the annual meeting of the Business History Conference. The winner receives a plaque and $1,000. From 1992 through 1999, the Newcomen Prize–winning paper was published in Business and Economic History. From the founding of Enterprise & Society in 2000, the prize has been awarded to the best article appearing in the volume year preceding the annual meeting. In 2009, with the demise of the Newcomen Society of the United States, the Journals Division of Oxford University Press stepped in to support the prize, and it was renamed. The full texts of the articles from 1992 to 1999 are available in the BEH Archives and are linked from the author's name below. Those published in Enterprise & Society are on-line and available via subscription or institutional access.

2014: Francesca Carnevali and Lucy Newton, "Pianos for the People: From Producer to Consumer in Britain, 1851-1914" (March 2013): 37-70.

2013: Geoffrey Jones and Christina Lubinski, "Managing Political Risk in Global Business: Beiersdorf 1914-1990" (March 2012): 85-119.

2012: Milena Veenis, "Cola in the German Democratic Republic: East German Fantasies on Western Consumption" (September 2011): 489-524.

Honorable Mentions:
Bianca Murillo, " 'The Devil We Know': Gold Coast Consumers, Local Employees, and the United Africa Company, 1940-1960" (June 2011): 317-355.

Christopher Jones, "The Carbon-Consuming Home: Residential Markets and Energy Transitions" (December 2011): 790-823.

2011: Oskar Broberg, "Labeling the Good: Alternative Visions and Organic Branding in Sweden in the Late Twentieth Century" (December 2010): 811-838.

2010: Simon Ville, "'Making Connections': Insights into Relationship Marketing from the Australasian Stock and Station Agent Industry" (September 2009): 423-448.

2009: Giorgio Riello, "Strategies and Boundaries: Subcontracting and the London Trades in the Long Eighteenth Century" (June 2008): 243-280.

2008: Per H. Hansen, "Organizational Culture and Organizational Change: The Transformation of Savings Banks in Denmark, 1965-1990" (December 2007): 920-953.

2007: Dario Gaggio, "Pyramids of Trust: Social Embeddedness and Political Culture in Two Italian Gold Jewelry Districts" (March 2006): 19-58.

2006: Tony Webster, "An Early Global Business in a Colonial Context: The Strategies, Management, and Failure of John Palmer and Company of Calcutta, 1780-1830" (March 2005): 98-133.

2005: Emanuela Scarpellini, "Shopping American-Style: The Arrival of the Supermarket in Postwar Italy" (December 2004): 625-668.

2004: John Smail, "The Culture of Credit in Eighteenth-Century Commerce: The English Textile Industry" (June 2003): 299-325.

2003: Morris L. Bian, "The Sino-Japanese War and the Formation of the State Enterprise System in China: A Case Study of the Dadukou Iron and Steel Works, 1938-1945" (March 2002): 80-123.

Honorable Mention:
Jeffrey Hornstein, " 'Rosie the Realtor' and the Re-Gendering of Real Estate Brokerage, 1930-1960" (June 2002): 318-351.

2002: Daryl M. Hafter, "Women in the Underground Business of Eighteenth-Century Lyon" (March 2001): 11-40.

2001: Jonathan Zeitlin, "Reconciling Automation and Flexibility? Technology and Production in the Postwar British Motor Vehicle Industry" (March 2000): 9-62.

[2000: Transition year, no prize awarded; beginning in 2001, the prize is dated by the year of the annual meeting at which it is awarded, for an Enterprise & Society article published in the previous year.]

1999: Kevin Reilly, "Dilettantes at the Gate: Fortune Magazine and the Cultural Politics of Business Journalism in the 1930s"

1998: Sean Patrick Adams, "Different Charters, Different Paths: Corporations and Coal in Antebellum Pennsylvania and Virginia"

1997: William Tsutsui, "Rethinking the Paternalist Paradigm in Japanese Industrial Management"

1996: William Mass and Andrew Robertson "From Textiles to Automobiles: Mechanical and Organizational Innovation in the Toyoda Enterprises, 1895-1933"

1995: Kenneth Lipartito, "Culture and the Practice of Business History"

1994: Paul Gompers, "The Rise and Fall of Venture Capital"

1993: Steven Usselman, "IBM and Its Imitators: Organizational Capabilities and the Emergence of the International Computer Industry"

1992: Sally Clarke, "'Innovation' in U.S. Agriculture: A Role for New Deal Regulation"