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Emerging Scholars

The Emerging Scholars Committee of the Business History Conference focuses on introducing young scholars to the possibilities for researching and teaching in the field of business history. The committee (whose current membership can be found on our Committees page) is co-chaired for 2013-2014 by Cory Davis, University of Illinois Chicago, and Dominique Tobbell, University of Minnesota. Members identify advanced students attending the annual meeting and work to integrate them into the larger community of business historians and academics. The committee prepares a number of emails prior to each annual meeting in order to invite young scholars to the various events held that provide a space for learning about business history and meeting BHC attendees and members. These events include an introductory breakfast held on the second day of the conference and a reception held the same evening, both of which are opportunities for new scholars to network with BHC-affiliated members with a wide range of experiences within the field. Following the conference the committee also follows up with attendees to gauge their experience in order to improve future events and to continue to expand the network of historians of business.