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Papers Presented at the BHC Annual Meeting

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The 2003 Annual Meeting

  2003 Program


Table of Contents

Richard N. Langlois
Chandler in a Larger Frame: Markets, Transaction Costs, and Organizational Form in History

Michael H. Best
Lowell's Industrial Regeneration: Dynamic Technological Capabilities

Marlis Schweitzer
Uplifting Makeup: Actresses' Testimonials and the Cosmetics Industry, 1910-1918

Janice Traflet
"Own Your Share of American Business": Public Relations at the NYSE during the Cold War

Carl Weinberg
Big Dixie Chicken Goes Global: Exports and the Rise of the North Georgia Poultry Industry

Insoo Baek
The Emergence of a Mass Market and the Dynamics of Retail Forms in Korea

Hideaki Miyajima, Yusuke Omi, and Nao Saito
Corporate Governance and Performance in Twentieth-Century Japan

Stephen L. Morgan
China's Encounter with Scientific Management in the 1920s-1930s

Shakila Yacob
Beyond Borders: Ford in Malaya, 1926-1957

Caroline Piquet
The Suez Company's Concession, 1854-1956: Making Modern Infrastructure, Destroying the Potential of the Local Economy

Andrea Lluch
From Local to Global Markets: Notes on the Role and Function of Commercial Networks in the Export Boom of Argentina, 1890-1930

Yovanna Pineda
Analysis of Manufacturing Strategies and Profits: Industrial Development in Argentina, 1904-1930

Francesca Antolín
Global Strategies and National Performance: Explaining the Singularities of the Spanish Electricity Supply Industry

Anna M. Aubanell-Jubany
Cartel Stability in the Electricity Industry: The Case of Electricity Distribution in Madrid in the Inter-War Period

Jonathan Coopersmith
When Worlds Collide: Government and Electrification, 1892-1939

Santiago López
The Role of Telefonica: The Internationalization of Telecommunications in Spain, 1970-2000

Robert MacDougall
The People's Telephone: The Political Culture of Independent Telephony, 1894-1913

H. V. Nelles
Financing the Development of Foreign-Owned Electrical Systems in the Americas, 1890-1929: First Steps in Comparing European and North American Techniques

Youssef Cassis and Camilla Brautaset
The Performance of European Business in the Twentieth Century: A Pilot Study

Mila Davids and Hans Schippers
Innovations in Dutch Shipbuilding: A Systems of Innovation Approach

Pascal Desabres
The Parisian Subway, 1880-1900: A Local or a National Interest Line? On the Concept of Globalization

Gunhild J. Ecklund
Cooperation, Conflict and Compromise: The IMF and Scandinavia, 1944-1960s

Paloma Fernández-Pérez
Family Firms in the Age of Globalization: Cooperation and Competition in Spanish Metal Manufacturing, 1870s-1970s

Susanne Hilger
Pacemakers of Globalization in German Industry: Corporate Strategies at Siemens, Daimler-Benz, and Henkel, 1945-1975

Riitta Hjerppe
The Significance of Foreign Direct Investment in a Small Industrialising Economy: The Case of Finland in the Interwar Period

Bruno Jégou
Free Trade and Protectionism in a French Region at the End of the Nineteenth Century

Mitchell J. Larson
Practically Academic: Forming British Business Schools in the 1960s

Fabio Lavista
Local Cultures and International Influences among an Italian Group of Management Practitioners after the Second World War

Marine Moguen-Toursel
Strategies of European Automobile Manufacturers Facing Community Environmental Standards

Daniele Pozzi
Techno-Managerial Competences in Enrico Mattei's AGIP: A Prolonged Accumulation Process in an International Relationship Network, 1935-1965

Núria Puig and Adoración Álvaro
International Aid and National Entrepreneurship: A Comparative Analysis of Pro-American Business Networks in Southern Europe, 1950-1975

Mohamed Sassi
The Emergence of the French Oil Industry between the Two Wars

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