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Papers Presented at the BHC Annual Meeting

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Volume 2: The 2004 Annual Meeting

  2004 Program


Table of Contents

Marie-Françoise Berneron-Couvenhes
French Mail Contracts with Private Steamship Companies, 1835-1914

Sébastien Richez
From the Transport to the Delivery of Mail: The Transformation of the French Postal Network in the Nineteenth Century

Pierre Vernus
Regulating the Activity of a Business Community: Employers' Organizations in the Lyon Silk Industry, 1860s-1939

Florence Brachet Champsaur
French Fashion during the First World War

Hubert Bonin
"Blue Angels," "Venture Capital," and "Whales": Networks Financing the Takeoff of the Second Industrial Revolution in France, 1890s-1920s

Pascal Desabres
Decision Network: Who Decided What in the Building of the Paris Métropolitain, 1898-1920

Elizabeth Sage
Disciplinary Practice and the Practice of Discipline, or Political Economy and Paternalism in Nineteenth-Century France

Gabriel Galvez-Behar
Technical Networks at Schneider

Catherine Vuillermot
The Schneider Network during the Presidency of Charles Schneider, 1942-1960

Mohamed Sassi
Evolution of the Structure of the French Oil Economy between the Wars: Toward a French Holding Company

Ioanna Pepelasis Minoglou and Stavros Ioannides
Market-Embedded Clans in Theory and History: Greek Diaspora Trading Companies in the Nineteenth Century

Yves Cohen
Matter Matters to Authority: Some Aspects of Soviet Industrial Management in the 1930s from a Multi-Sited Perspective

Kees Boersma
Creating an Agricultural Research Network: Irradiation of Plants with Artificial Light at Philips Research in the 1930s

Stephen L. Morgan
Professional Associations and the Diffusion of New Management Ideas in Shanghai, 1920-1930s: A Research Agenda

Álvaro Ferreira da Silva and Ana Cardoso de Matos
The Networked City: Power and Water Utilities in Portugal, 1850s-1920s

Denis Bocquet
A Public Company as a Challenger to a Private Monopoly: Providing Water to the Eternal City, 1865-1964

Simone Selva
State and Economy in Italy before the Economic Miracle: Economic Policy and International Constraints from the Reconstruction through the Pre-Boom Years

Gail D. Triner
Property Rights, Kinship Groups, and Business Partnerships in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Brazil: The Case of the St. John d'el Rey Mining Company, 1834-1960

Robert Dalton Harris, Jr.
The Three Postal Networks of the United States in the 1930s

Ross Thomson
From the Old to the New: The Social Basis of Innovation in the Antebellum United States

Edith Sparks
Terms of Endearment: Informal Borrowing Networks among Northern California Businesswomen, 1870-1920

David L. Mason
The Ties That Bind: Mutual Buildings and Loans and the Problem of Agency, 1880-1920

Albert Churella
External and Internal Networks on the Pennsylvania Railroad: The Philadelphia Improvements

William J. Hausman and John L. Neufeld
The Economics of Electricity Networks and the Evolution of the U.S. Electric Utility Industry, 1882-1935

Fionn MacKillop
The Influence of the Los Angeles "Oligarchy" on the Governance of the Municipal Water Department, 1902-1930: A Business Like Any Other or a Public Service?

Julia Ott
The "Free and Open" "People's Market": Public Relations at the New York Stock Exchange, 1913-1929

Maria McGrath
"That's Capitalism, Not a Co-op": Countercultural Idealism and Business Realism in 1970s U.S. Food Co-ops

Charles David Jacobson
Expecting the Unexpected: Networks, Markets, and the Failure of Electric Utility Restructuring in California

Michael Best, Albert Paquin, and Hao Xie
Discovering Regional Competitive Advantage: Massachusetts High-Tech

Richard Sylla and Robert E. Wright
Networks and History's Generalizations: Comparing the Financial Systems of Germany, Japan, Great Britain, and the United States

Hiroyuki Okamuro
Evolution of the Supplier Network in the German Automotive Industry from the Prewar to the Postwar Period: A Comparative Perspective with the Japanese Experience

Sara Nocentini
Building the Network: Raw Materials Shortages and the Western Bloc at the Beginning of the Cold War, 1948-1951

Patrice Flichy
The Imaginary Internet: How Utopian Fantasy Shaped the Making of a New Information Infrastructure

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