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Papers Presented at the BHC Annual Meeting

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Volume 3: The 2005 Annual Meeting

  2005 Program


Table of Contents

Astrid Baker
The First Labour Government's New Start for Manufacturing, Employment, and Social Security in New Zealand, 1935-1949

Peter Sheldon and Louise Thornthwaite
Members or Clients? Employer Associations, the Decentralization of Bargaining, and the Reorientation of Service Provision: Evidence from Europe and Australia

C. H. Tzeng
Understanding Economic Development in Modern China: The Interplay among the State, the Market, and the Social Sector

Éric Godelier and Muriel Le Roux
Did the 1970s Crisis Lead to Convergence or Divergence? Usinor vs. Pechiney: An Examination of Renewal in the Steel and Aluminum Industries

Mike Esbester
Reinvention, Renewal, or Repetition? The Great Western Railway and Occupational Safety on Britain's Railways, c.1900-c.1920

Lesley Whitworth
Inscribing Design on the Nation: The Creators of the British Council of Industrial Design

Simone Selva
The Economic Implications of Early Military Assistance to Western Europe under the Truman Administration, 1949-1951

Robert Dalton Harris and Diane DeBlois
Geographic Integration of Industry on the Wynants Kill, 1816-1911

Mark W. Geiger
Sectional Loyalties and Institutional Transformation in Missouri's Banks, 1861-1870

Duol Kim
The Next Best Thing to Getting Married: Partnerships among Jewelry Manufacturers in the Providence-Attleboro Area during the Nineteenth Century

Eric J. Morser
Grassroots Rebels: Municipal Power and Railroad Regulation in La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1883-1900

Robert MacDougall
Long Lines: AT&T, Long Distance Telephony, and Corporate Control

Jim Cohen
How Financial Institutions Affect Economic Change: Evidence from the Transportation Sector, 1900-1939

David Koistinen
Public Relations as Redevelopment Tool: Accentuating the Positive in Deindustrializing New England

K. Austin Kerr
The Rebirth of Brewing and Distilling in the United States in 1933: Government Policy and Industry Structure

Sarah Elvins
Panacea or Dud? Retailers React to Scrip in the Great Depression

Albert Churella
“The Company could not take complete advantage of its bigness”: Managerial Culture and the Pennsylvania Railroad's 1955 Corporate Reorganization

Robert E. Weems, Jr.
The 1961 National Conference on Black Business: The “Negro Market,” the Cold War, and the Future of Black Business in America

Beth Kreydatus
“Enriching Women's Lives”: The Mary Kay Approach to Beauty, Business, and Feminism

Gregory L. Thompson
How Portland's Power Brokers Accommodated the Anti-Highway Movement of the Early 1970s: The Decision to Build Light Rail

Mansel G. Blackford
Tourism, the Environment, and the Military: The Case of Guam, 1962-2002

Michael H. Best
Regional Specialization and Cluster Drivers: Medical Devices in Massachusetts

J. Andrew Ross
Hockey Capital: Approaches to the Study of Sports Industry

William Lazonick
Evolution of the “New Economy” Business Model

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