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Volume 4: The 2006 Annual Meeting

  2006 Program


Table of Contents

Graham D. Taylor
"From Shirtsleeves to Shirtless": The Bronfman Dynasty and the Seagram Empire

Barbara Austin
The State and Strategic Management of an Enterprise: A Life Cycle Analysis of a Symbiotic Relationship, 1873-1997

Robert MacDougall
The Telephone on Main Street: Utility Regulation in the United States and Canada before 1900

Joseph Santos
Going against the Grain: Why Did Wheat Marketing in the United States and Canada Evolve So Differently?

Jesús Mirás-Araujo and Carlos Piñeiro-Sánchez
Tensions between Public and Private: Water Supply in a Northwestern Spanish City under the Franco Dictatorship

Núria Puig and Rafael Castro
Changing and Persisting Patterns of International Investment: French and German Capital in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Spain

Mohamed Sassi
Compagnie Française des Pétroles and Its Contribution to the Re-establishment of France's Position among the Oil Countries after the Second World War

Eric Godelier
Usinor and the French Steel Industry: From "Private" Monopoly to "Public" Competitor, 1948-2001

Mike Esbester
"No Good Reason for the Government to Interfere": Business, the State, and Railway Employee Safety in Britain, circa 1900-1939

Niall G. MacKenzie
"Chucking Buns across the Fence"? Government-Sponsored Industry Development in the Scottish Highlands, 1945-1982

Terry Gourvish
The Political Economy of the Channel Tunnel: An International Business-Government Perspective

Susan Clark Muntean
Resurrection of the Robber Barons: Reassessing the Theory of the Firm

Debra Foster Greene
"Just Enough of Everything": The St.Louis Argus—An African American Newspaper and Publishing Company in Its First Decade

JoAnne Yates and Craig N. Murphy
From Setting National Standards to Coordinating International Standards: The Formation of the ISO

Albert Churella
Saving the Railroad Industry to Death: The Interstate Commerce Commission, the Pennsylvania Railroad, and the Unfulfilled Promise of Rail-Truck Cooperation

David Koistinen
The Political Economy of Regional Redevelopment: Business and Area Government in the Regeneration of the New England Economy

Robert Dalton Harris and Diane DeBlois
The Business of the Atomic Secret: Discerning the Cultural Dimension in the Strategic Economy of the Cold War

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