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Volume 5: The 2007 Annual Meeting

  2007 Program


Table of Contents

Geoffrey Jones and R. Daniel Wadhwani
Entrepreneurial Theory and the History of Globalization

Naomi Lamoreaux, Margaret Levenstein, and Kenneth Sokoloff
Do Innovative Regions Inevitably Decline? Lessons from Cleveland's Experience in the 1920s

Eric S. Hintz
Independent Inventors in an Era of Burgeoning Research & Development

Eric Godelier
"Do You Have a Garage?" Discussion of Some Myths about Entrepreneurship

Mark Billings
The Corporate Treasury in International Business History

Heli Valtonen
Does Culture Matter? Entrepreneurial Attitudes in the Autobiographies of Twentieth-Century Business Leaders in Finland and the United States

Marine Moguen-Toursel
Emergence and Transfer of Vehicle Safety Standards: Why We Still Do Not Have Global Standards

Takashi Yamamoto
East Meets the West in an Entrepreneurial Farming Village in Japan: Endogenous Development Theories and Economic Gardening Practices

Karen J. Freeze
Unlikely Partners and the Management of Innovation in Communist Europe: A Case Study from the Czechoslovak Textile Machine Industry

Tobias Karlsson
Downsizing, State Ownership, and Modern Labor Management: Severance Pay at the Swedish Tobacco Monopoly, 1915–1928

Maria Stanfors
Feminization and Professionalization of Pharmacies in Sweden

Adriana Castagnoli
The Female Entrepreneurs' Point of View and the Italian Economy

Anton Ehlers
Renier van Rooyen and Pep Stores, Limited: The Genesis of a South African Entrepreneur and Retail Empire

Deborah Breen
The Individual in the Community: American Entrepreneurs in the Australian Colonies, 1850–1890

Maki Umemura
The Interplay between Entrepreneurial Initiative and Government Policy: The Shaping of the Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry since 1945

Evelyn Anderson
Nissan's Keiretsu, 1956-1970

Scott A. Redenius
Regional Economic Development and Variation in Postbellum National Bank Profit Rates

Mark L. Goldstein
Washington and the Networks of W. W. Corcoran

Judit Olah
Empowering through Entrepreneurship: The Maverick Springs Oil Field and the Wind River Reservation

Daniel Scroop
A Faded Passion? Estes Kefauver and the Senate Subcommittee on Antitrust and Monopoly, 1957–1963

Dimitry Anastakis
The Last Automotive Entrepreneur? Lee Iacocca Saves Chrysler, 1978–1986

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