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Volume 6: The 2008 Annual Meeting

  2008 Program


Table of Contents

We have begun posting essays; available essays link from the author's name. Please check back for updates!
Peter Hohn
Constructing Business, Constructing Utopia: Historical Perspectives

Eric Godelier
History: A Useful "Science" for Management? From Polemics to Controversies

Terrence H. Witkowski and D. G. Brian Jones
Historiography in Marketing: Its Growth, Structure of Inquiry, and Disciplinary Status

Cheng-Hua Tzeng
The State, the Social Sector, and the Market in the Making of China's First Entrepreneurial Venture

Hiroyuki Okamuro
Survival of New Firms in an Industry Agglomeration: An Empirical Analysis Using Tokyo Telephone Directories from the 1980s

Hiroshi Shimizu and Takashi Hirao
Collaborative Research Networks in Semiconductor Laser Technology, 1960-2000: A Comparative Perspective on Networks and Breakthroughs in the United States and Japan

Michael Møller and Niels-Henrik Topp
Carl Frederik Tietgen and Privatbanken in Copenhagen, 1857-1896

Kevin Tennent
Management and Networks: To What Extent Were Free-Standing Companies Controlled from the Home Country? Four Scottish Examples, 1865-1885

John G. Uggen
The Emergence of Multinational Enterprise in Ecuador: The Case of the Ecuadorian Corporation

Ross Thomson
The Continuity of Wartime Innovation: The Civil War Experience

Jonathan Rees
The Natural Price of Natural Ice in America, 1880-1910

David Raley
The Origins of a Corporate Giant: Tennessee Gas and Transmission's Wartime Pipeline

Albert J. Churella
Does the Man Make the Railroad or Does the Railroad Make the Man? The Pennsylvania Railroad's Connections to Professional Management and the Failure of the Penn Central, 1920-1970

Paula K. Gajewski
Expanding Connections between the New York Stock Exchange and the Employment Retirement Income Security Act

Marc Stern
The Fitness Movement and the Fitness Center Industry, 1960-2000

Gavin Benke
Where Is Enron? Changing Perceptions of Geographic Relationships in the Deregulation of California's Energy Market

Mansel G. Blackford
Business Historians and the Global Over-Fishing Crisis: Opportunities for Research

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