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Volume 7: The 2009 Annual Meeting

  2009 Program


Table of Contents

Fermín Allende
Poor Thomas Buddenbrook! Family Business in Literature

Mary B. Rose and Lorraine Johnston
"To Design for the Future You Must Leaf Through the Past": Museums as Part of Systems of Innovation

Andrew Dilley
Empire and Risk: Edwardian Financiers, Australia, and Canada c. 1899-1914

Simona Segre Reinach
Fashion and National Identity: Interactions between Italians and Chinese in the Global Fashion Industry

Jim Cohen
Ownership of Railway Stock in France and the United States, 1840-1940: The Mystery of Missing Data and Why That Matters

Stefan Schwarzkopf
What Was Advertising? The Invention, Rise, Demise, and Disappearance of Advertising Concepts in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-century Europe and America

Dominique Barjot
The Americanization of the European Cement Industry: Lafarge in Comparative Perspective, from Fashion to a Structural Change

Graham D. Taylor
Seagram Comes to Scotland: The Role of Local Players in the Overseas Expansion of a Canadian Multinational, 1949-1965

Corine Maitte
Labels, Brands, and Market Integration in the Modern Era

Hubert Bonin
Fashion Trends in Banking Business Models since the 1850s

Eline Poelmans
The Mixed Economy and the Concentration of the Coal Companies in the European Coal and Steel Community between 1952 and 1967

Peter A. Coclanis
Everything Also I Want: Another Look at Consumer Culture in Contemporary Singapore

Bryant Simon
Up-Close in the Flat World: Learning about the Global at a Local Starbucks in Singapore

Mary A. Kizima and Sergey A. Kizima
The Development of Business Styles in Post-Soviet Russia and Belarus

Francesco Ammannati
Florentine Woollen Manufacture in the Sixteenth Century: Crisis and New Entrepreneurial Strategies

Barbara Bettoni
Fashionable Accessories: Tradition and Innovation in Button Manufacturing in Northern Italy, Seventeenth to Eighteenth Century

Paola Varacca Capello and Davide Ravasi
The Variety and the Evolution of Business Models and Organizational Forms in the Italian Fashion Industry

Alberto Rinaldi and Michelangelo Vasta
State-Owned Enterprises in the Italian Corporate Network, 1972-1983

José Antonio Miranda
Competing in Fashion Goods: Firms and Industrial Districts in the Development of the Spanish Shoe Industry

Kajsa Holmberg and Maria Stanfors
Setting a Trend: Feminization of the Commercial Bank Sector in Sweden, 1864-1975

Frida Östman
Regulatory Regime Change in the Swedish Residential Mortgage Market

Muriel Le Roux
A Chemist's Community as a Forerunner in Management Change and Innovation in France during the Second Part of the Twentieth Century? The Case of the Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles, a CNRS Laboratory

Francesca Tesi
The Application of Taylorism in France: The Role of the Michelin Family in the Rationalization of French Work

Monica Neve
Advertising and the Middle-Class Female Consumer in Munich, c. 1900-1914

Mike Parsons and Mary B. Rose
Lead-User Innovation and the U.K. Outdoor Trade since 1850

Howard Cox and Simon Mowatt
Creating Images of Fashion: Consumer Magazines and American Competition in Britain, 1910-1940

Shennette Garrett-Scott
A Historiography of African American Business

Cynthia Golembuski
Illustration in Fashion Publications and Retail Store Advertising in America: The Artist behind the Look and the Resurrection of the Fashion Illustrator

Gayle Strege
Influences of Two Midwestern American Department Stores on Retailing Practices, 1883-1941

Katalin Medvedev
Trading Places: Women Offer a Different Take on Downtown St. Paul Business in 1939

Christy Chapin
Meeting the 1950s Consumer Ideal in Health Care

Lisa Hayes
Changing Business Practices in Fashion: Liz Claiborne, An American Innovator: A New Era of American Design

Eldon Bernstein and Fred Carstensen
An American Success Story—Keep it Simple: The Wiffle® Ball, Inc.

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