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Papers Presented at the BHC Annual Meeting

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Edwin J. Perkins
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Volume 8: The 2010 Annual Meeting

  2010 Program


Table of Contents
Dimitry Anastakis
Hubris, Nepotism, and Failure: The Bricklin Car Company and the Question of Inevitability

Christian Barrère
A Strange Story: When Crisis Leads to Wealth—The Institution of Champagne Wine as a Luxury Good

Florence Brachet-Champsaur and Ludovic Cailluet
The Great Depression? Challenging the Periodization of French Business History in the Interwar Period

Eugene K. Choi
Reconsidering the Innovations in the Meiji Cotton Spinners' Growth Strategy for Global Competition

Dan Du
Illinois Free Banks, 1851-1865

Mehmet Erçek and Öner Günçavdi
Evolution of National and International Resource Constraints and Business Groups: The Historical Case of a Turkish Family Holding, 1950-1999

Tobias Alexander Jopp
The Welfare State Evolves: German Knappschaften, 1854-1923

Jason D. Martinek
Business at the Margins of Capitalism: Charles H. Kerr and Company and the Progressive Era Socialist Movement

David L. Mason
Homeownership Is Colorblind: The Role of African American Savings and Loans in Home Finance, 1880-1980

Frida Östman
A Residential Mortgage Market in Crisis: Something to Learn from the Swedish Case

Tommaso Pardi
Do State and Politics Matter? The Case of Nissan's Direct Investment in Great Britain and Its Implications for British Leyland

William H. Phillips
The Democratization of Invention in the American South: Antebellum and Postbellum Technology Markets in the United States

Marta Rey and Nuria Puig
Understanding the Organized Philanthropic Activities of Entrepreneurial Families

J. Andrew Ross
Trust and Antitrust: The Failure of the First National Hockey League Players' Association, 1957-1958

Fredrik Sandgren
A New Quest for Efficiency: The Postwar Program of the Federation of Swedish Wholesalers

Hiroshi Shimizu
Pitfalls of Open Innovation: The Technological Trajectory in Laser Diodes in the United States and Japan

Philip H. Slaby
The Contradictions of Controlled Immigration: Mines, Foreign Labor, and the State in Interwar France

Uwe Spiekermann
Claus Spreckels: A Biographical Case Study of Nineteenth-Century American Immigrant Entrepreneurship

Natalia Starostina
"Money was of no consideration": French Railway Companies and Sustaining Troops on the Battlefields during the Great War

Ross Thomson
Understanding Machine Tool Development in the United States: Uniting Economic and Business History

John F. Uggen
The Day the Music Died: Rooney, Pace and the Hostile Takeover of the Norlin Corporation

Yi-Wen Yu
Rethinking the Kirby Puzzle: A Reassessment of Chinese Companies' Incorporation from the Public and Corporate Finance Perspectives, 1860-1949

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