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Papers Presented at the BHC Annual Meeting

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Edwin J. Perkins
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Volume 10: The 2012 Annual Meeting
2012 Program
Table of Contents
Stephen B. Adams
Making a Virtue of Necessity: Herman Miller's Model for Innovation

Jennifer J. Armiger
"What was good enough in the 1960s is not good enough today": Sex, Race, and Business Opposition to Equal Opportunity Policy in 1970s America

Gavin Benke
"I Look Forward to Working with You": Enron's Government Affairs Efforts in the 1990s

Henderson Carter
The Role of Government in the Development of the Electricity Service in Barbados, 1911-1980

Mathieu Floquet and Patrice Laroche
The Impossible Transition from "Absolute Monarchy" toward Industrial Democracy in France: The Experience of Workers' Representatives at Schneider, 1899-1936

Chris Madsen
Technology Adoption and Adaptation in Canada's West Coast Shipyards 1918-1950

Sam Mitrani
Policing Upheaval: How Employer Responses to the Labor Movement Drove the Development of State Power in Chicago

Shigehiro Nishimura
Patenting in the United Kingdom and Japan: Subsystems That Determined MNEs' Patent Policy

Dael Norwood
"A Great Thoroughfare for All Mankind": Asian Trade and the Antebellum Business Case for Building a Transcontinental Railroad

Ross Thomson
The Government and Innovation in the United States: Insights from Major Innovators

Steven Tolliday
Crumbling Dream: Japan's Nuclear Quest, 1954-2011

Michael Wagner
Managing to Compete: The Hudson's Bay, Levant, and Russia Companies, 1714-1763

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