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Stephen B. Adams
Making a Virtue of Necessity: Herman Miller's Model for Innovation

Stephen B. Adams
Their Minds Will Follow: Big Business and California Higher Education, 1954-1960

Fermín Allende
Poor Thomas Buddenbrook! Family Business in Literature

Francesco Ammannati
Florentine Woollen Manufacture in the Sixteenth Century: Crisis and New Entrepreneurial Strategies

Dimitry Anastakis
Hubris, Nepotism, and Failure: The Bricklin Car Company and the Question of Inevitability

Dimitry Anastakis
The Last Automotive Entrepreneur? Lee Iacocca Saves Chrysler, 1978–1986

Evelyn Anderson
Nissan's Keiretsu, 1956-1970

Francesca Antolín
Global Strategies and National Performance: Explaining the Singularities of the Spanish Electricity Supply Industry

Jennifer J. Armiger
"What was good enough in the 1960s is not good enough today": Sex, Race, and Business Opposition to Equal Opportunity Policy in 1970s America

Anna M. Aubanell-Jubany
Cartel Stability in the Electricity Industry: The Case of Electricity Distribution in Madrid in the Inter-War Period

Barbara Austin
The State and Strategic Management of an Enterprise: A Life Cycle Analysis of a Symbiotic Relationship, 1873–1997

Insoo Baek
The Emergence of a Mass Market and the Dynamics of Retail Forms in Korea

Astrid Baker
The First Labour Government's New Start for Manufacturing, Employment, and Social Security in New Zealand, 1935–1949

Dominique Barjot
The Americanization of the European Cement Industry: Lafarge in Comparative Perspective, from Fashion to a Structural Change

Christian Barrère
A Strange Story: When Crisis Leads to Wealth—The Institution of Champagne Wine as a Luxury Good

James L. Baughman
Henry R. Luce and the Business of Journalism

Gavin Benke
"I Look Forward to Working with You": Enron's Government Affairs Efforts in the 1990s

Gavin Benke
Where Is Enron? Changing Perceptions of Geographic Relationships in the Deregulation of California's Energy Market

Marie-Françoise Berneron-Couvenhes
French Mail Contracts with Private Steamship Companies, 1835–1914

Eldon Bernstein and Fred Carstensen
An American Success Story—Keep it Simple: The Wiffle® Ball, Inc.

Michael H. Best
Lowell's Industrial Regeneration: Dynamic Technological Capabilities

Michael H. Best
Regional Specialization and Cluster Drivers: Medical Devices in Massachusetts

Michael Best, Albert Paquin, and Hao Xie
Discovering Regional Competitive Advantage: Massachusetts High-Tech

Barbara Bettoni
Fashionable Accessories: Tradition and Innovation in Button Manufacturing in Northern Italy, Seventeenth-Eighteenth Century

Mark Billings
The Corporate Treasury in International Business History

Mansel G. Blackford
Business Historians and the Global Over-Fishing Crisis: Opportunities for Research

Mansel G. Blackford
Tourism, the Environment, and the Military: The Case of Guam, 1962–2002

Denis Bocquet
A Public Company as a Challenger to a Private Monopoly: Providing Water to the Eternal City, 1865–1964

Kees Boersma
Creating an Agricultural Research Network: Irradiation of Plants with Artificial Light at Philips Research in the 1930s

Hubert Bonin
"Blue Angels," "Venture Capital," and "Whales": Networks Financing the Takeoff of the Second Industrial Revolution in France, 1890s–1920s

Hubert Bonin
Fashion Trends in Banking Business Models from the 1850s until Today

Florence Brachet-Champsaur and Ludovic Cailluet
The Great Depression? Challenging the Periodization of French Business History in the Interwar Period

Deborah Breen
The Individual in the Community: American Entrepreneurs in the Australian Colonies, 1850–1890

Paola Varacca Capello and Davide Ravasi
The Variety and the Evolution of Business Models and Organizational Forms in the Italian Fashion Industry

Henderson Carter
The Role of Government in the Development of the Electricity Service in Barbados, 1911-1980

Youssef Cassis and Camilla Brautaset
The Performance of European Business in the Twentieth Century: A Pilot Study

Adriana Castagnoli
The Female Entrepreneurs' Point of View and the Italian Economy

Florence Brachet Champsaur
French Fashion during the First World War

Christy Chapin
Meeting the 1950s Consumer Ideal in Health Care

William R. Childs
Henry Luce and Twentieth-Century Consumer Culture

Eugene K. Choi
Reconsidering the Innovations in the Meiji Cotton Spinners' Growth Strategy for Global Competition

Albert Churella
“The Company could not take complete advantage of its bigness”: Managerial Culture and the Pennsylvania Railroad's 1955 Corporate Reorganization

Albert J. Churella
Does the Man Make the Railroad or Does the Railroad Make the Man? The Pennsylvania Railroad's Connections to Professional Management and the Failure of the Penn Central, 1920-1970

Albert Churella
External and Internal Networks on the Pennsylvania Railroad: The Philadelphia Improvements

Albert Churella
Saving the Railroad Industry to Death: The Interstate Commerce Commission, the Pennsylvania Railroad, and the Unfulfilled Promise of Rail-Truck Cooperation

Peter A. Coclanis
Everything Also I Want: Another Look at Consumer Culture in Contemporary Singapore

Jim Cohen
How Financial Institutions Affect Economic Change: Evidence from the Transportation Sector, 1900–1939

Jim Cohen
Ownership of Railway Stock in France and the United States, 1840-1940: The Mystery of Missing Data and Why That Matters

Yves Cohen
Matter Matters to Authority: Some Aspects of Soviet Industrial Management in the 1930s from a Multi-Sited Perspective

Jonathan Coopersmith
When Worlds Collide: Government and Electrification, 1892–1939

Howard Cox and Simon Mowatt
Creating Images of Fashion: Consumer Magazines and American Competition in Britain, 1910-1940

Álvaro Ferreira da Silva and Ana Cardoso de Matos
The Networked City: Power and Water Utilities in Portugal, 1850s-1920s

Mila Davids and Hans Schippers
Innovations in Dutch Shipbuilding: A Systems of Innovation Approach

Pascal Desabres
Decision Network: Who Decided What in the Building of the Paris Métropolitain, 1898–1920

Pascal Desabres
The Parisian Subway, 1880–1900: A Local or a National Interest Line? On the Concept of Globalization

Andrew Dilley
Empire and Risk: Edwardian Financiers, Australia, and Canada c. 1899-1914

Dan Du
Illinois Free Banks, 1851-1865

Gunhild J. Ecklund
Cooperation, Conflict and Compromise: The IMF and Scandinavia, 1944–1960s

Anton Ehlers
Renier van Rooyen and Pep Stores, Limited: The Genesis of a South African Entrepreneur and Retail Empire

Sarah Elvins
Panacea or Dud? Retailers React to Scrip in the Great Depression

Mehmet Erçek and Öner Günçavdi
Evolution of National and International Resource Constraints and Business Groups: The Historical Case of a Turkish Family Holding, 1950-1999

Mike Esbester
"No Good Reason for the Government to Interfere": Business, the State, and Railway Employee Safety in Britain, circa 1900–1939

Mike Esbester
Reinvention, Renewal, or Repetition? The Great Western Railway and Occupational Safety on Britain's Railways, c.1900–c.1920

Paloma Fernández-Pérez
Family Firms in the Age of Globalization: Cooperation and Competition in Spanish Metal Manufacturing, 1870s–1970s

Patrice Flichy
The Imaginary Internet: How Utopian Fantasy Shaped the Making of a New Information Infrastructure

Mathieu Floquet and Patrice Laroche
The Impossible Transition from "Absolute Monarchy" toward Industrial Democracy in France: The Experience of Workers' Representatives at Schneider, 1899-1936

Karen J. Freeze
Unlikely Partners and the Management of Innovation in Communist Europe: A Case Study from the Czechoslovak Textile Machine Industry

Paula K. Gajewski
Expanding Connections between the New York Stock Exchange and the Employment Retirement Income Security Act

Gabriel Galvez-Behar
Technical Networks at Schneider

Shennette Garrett-Scott
A Historiography of African American Business

Mark W. Geiger
Sectional Loyalties and Institutional Transformation in Missouri's Banks, 1861–1870

Eric Godelier
"Do You Have a Garage?" Discussion of Some Myths about Entrepreneurship

Eric Godelier
History: A Useful "Science" for Management? From Polemics to Controversies

Eric Godelier
Usinor and the French Steel Industry: From "Private" Monopoly to "Public" Competitor, 1948–2001

Éric Godelier and Muriel Le Roux
Did the 1970s Crisis Lead to Convergence or Divergence? Usinor vs. Pechiney: An Examination of Renewal in the Steel and Aluminum Industries

Mark L. Goldstein
Washington and the Networks of W. W. Corcoran

Cynthia Golembuski
Illustration in Fashion Publications and Retail Store Advertising in America: The Artist behind the Look and the Resurrection of the Fashion Illustrator

Terry Gourvish
The Political Economy of the Channel Tunnel: An International Business-Government Perspective

Debra Foster Greene
"Just Enough of Everything": The St.Louis Argus—An African American Newspaper and Publishing Company in Its First Decade

Robert Dalton Harris, Jr.
The Three Postal Networks of the United States in the 1930s

Robert Dalton Harris and Diane DeBlois
The Business of the Atomic Secret: Discerning the Cultural Dimension in the Strategic Economy of the Cold War

Robert Dalton Harris and Diane DeBlois
Geographic Integration of Industry on the Wynants Kill, 1816–1911

William J. Hausman and John L. Neufeld
The Economics of Electricity Networks and the Evolution of the U.S. Electric Utility Industry, 1882–1935

Amy M. Hay
Dow Chemical vs. "Coercive Utopians": Constructing the Contested Ground of Science and Government Regulation in 1970s America

Lisa Hayes
Changing Business Practices in Fashion: Liz Claiborne, An American Innovator: A New Era of American Design

Susanne Hilger
Pacemakers of Globalization in German Industry: Corporate Strategies at Siemens, Daimler-Benz, and Henkel, 1945–1975

Eric S. Hintz
Independent Inventors in an Era of Burgeoning Research & Development

Riitta Hjerppe
The Significance of Foreign Direct Investment in a Small Industrialising Economy: The Case of Finland in the Interwar Period

Peter Hohn
Constructing Business, Constructing Utopia: Historical Perspectives

Kajsa Holmberg and Maria Stanfors
Setting a Trend: Feminization of the Commercial Bank Sector in Sweden, 1864-1975

Charles David Jacobson
Expecting the Unexpected: Networks, Markets, and the Failure of Electric Utility Restructuring in California

Bruno Jégou
Free Trade and Protectionism in a French Region at the End of the Nineteenth Century

Geoffrey Jones and R. Daniel Wadhwani
Entrepreneurial Theory and the History of Globalization

Tobias Alexander Jopp
The Welfare State Evolves: German Knappschaften, 1854-1923

Tobias Karlsson
Downsizing, State Ownership, and Modern Labor Management: Severance Pay at the Swedish Tobacco Monopoly, 1915–1928

K. Austin Kerr
The Rebirth of Brewing and Distilling in the United States in 1933: Government Policy and Industry Structure

Duol Kim
The Next Best Thing to Getting Married: Partnerships among Jewelry Manufacturers in the Providence-Attleboro Area during the Nineteenth Century

Mary A. Kizima and Sergey A. Kizima
The Development of Business Styles in Post-Soviet Russia and Belarus

David Koistinen
The Political Economy of Regional Redevelopment: Business and Area Government in the Regeneration of the New England Economy

David Koistinen
Public Relations as Redevelopment Tool: Accentuating the Positive in Deindustrializing New England

Beth Kreydatus
“Enriching Women's Lives”: The Mary Kay Approach to Beauty, Business, and Feminism

Naomi Lamoreaux, Margaret Levenstein, and Kenneth Sokoloff
Do Innovative Regions Inevitably Decline? Lessons from Cleveland's Experience in the 1920s

Richard N. Langlois
Chandler in a Larger Frame: Markets, Transaction Costs, and Organizational Form in History

Mitchell J. Larson
Practically Academic: Forming British Business Schools in the 1960s

Fabio Lavista
Local Cultures and International Influences among an Italian Group of Management Practitioners after the Second World War

William Lazonick
Evolution of the “New Economy” Business Model

William Lazonick and Edward March
The Rise and Demise of Lucent Technologies

Muriel Le Roux
A Chemist's Community as a Forerunner in Management Change and Innovation in France during the Second Part of the Twentieth Century? The Case of the Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles, a CNRS Laboratory

Andrea Lluch
From Local to Global Markets: Notes on the Role and Function of Commercial Networks in the Export Boom of Argentina, 1890–1930

Santiago López
The Role of Telefonica: The Internationalization of Telecommunications in Spain, 1970–2000

Cinzia Lorandini
The Financing of SMEs and the Role of Knowledge: Some Evidence from Trentino-South Tyrol, 1950s-1990s

Robert MacDougall
Long Lines: AT&T, Long Distance Telephony, and Corporate Control

Robert MacDougall
The People's Telephone: The Political Culture of Independent Telephony, 1894–1913

Robert MacDougall
The Telephone on Main Street: Utility Regulation in the United States and Canada before 1900

Niall G. MacKenzie
"Chucking Buns across the Fence"? Government-Sponsored Industry Development in the Scottish Highlands, 1945–1982

Fionn MacKillop
The Influence of the Los Angeles "Oligarchy" on the Governance of the Municipal Water Department, 1902–1930: A Business Like Any Other or a Public Service?

Chris Madsen
Technology Adoption and Adaptation in Canada's West Coast Shipyards 1918-1950

Rachel Maines
Engineering Standards as Collaborative Projects: Asbestos in the Table of Clearances

Corine Maitte
Labels, Brands, and Market Integration in the Modern Era

Jason D. Martinek
Business at the Margins of Capitalism: Charles H. Kerr and Company and the Progressive Era Socialist Movement

David L. Mason
Homeownership Is Colorblind: The Role of African American Savings and Loans in Home Finance, 1880-1980

David L. Mason
The Ties That Bind: Mutual Buildings and Loans and the Problem of Agency, 1880–1920

Maria McGrath
"That's Capitalism, Not a Co-op": Countercultural Idealism and Business Realism in 1970s U.S. Food Co-ops

Katalin Medvedev
Trading Places: Women Offer a Different Take on Downtown St. Paul Business in 1939

Ioanna Pepelasis Minoglou and Stavros Ioannides
Market-Embedded Clans in Theory and History: Greek Diaspora Trading Companies in the Nineteenth Century

José Antonio Miranda
Competing in Fashion Goods: Firms and Industrial Districts in the Development of the Spanish Shoe Industry

Jesús Mirás-Araujo and Carlos Piñeiro-Sánchez
Tensions between Public and Private: Water Supply in a Northwestern Spanish City under the Franco Dictatorship

Sam Mitrani
Policing Upheaval: How Employer Responses to the Labor Movement Drove the Development of State Power in Chicago

Hideaki Miyajima, Yusuke Omi, and Nao Saito
Corporate Governance and Performance in Twentieth-Century Japan

Marine Moguen-Toursel
Emergence and Transfer of Vehicle Safety Standards: Why We Still Do Not Have Global Standards

Marine Moguen-Toursel
Strategies of European Automobile Manufacturers Facing Community Environmental Standards

Michael Møller and Niels-Henrik Topp
Carl Frederik Tietgen and Privatbanken in Copenhagen, 1857-1896

Stephen L. Morgan
China's Encounter with Scientific Management in the 1920s–1930s

Stephen L. Morgan
Professional Associations and the Diffusion of New Management Ideas in Shanghai, 1920–1930s: A Research Agenda

Eric J. Morser
Grassroots Rebels: Municipal Power and Railroad Regulation in La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1883–1900

Susan Clark Muntean
Resurrection of the Robber Barons: Reassessing the Theory of the Firm

H. V. Nelles
Financing the Development of Foreign-Owned Electrical Systems in the Americas, 1890–1929: First Steps in Comparing European and North American Techniques

Monica Neve
Advertising and the Middle-Class Female Consumer in Munich, c. 1900-1914

Shigehiro Nishimura
International Patent Control and Transfer of Knowledge: The United States and Japan before World War II

Shigehiro Nishimura
Patenting in the United Kingdom and Japan: Subsystems That Determined MNEs' Patent Policy

Sara Nocentini
Building the Network: Raw Materials Shortages and the Western Bloc at the Beginning of the Cold War, 1948-1951

Dael Norwood
"A Great Thoroughfare for All Mankind": Asian Trade and the Antebellum Business Case for Building a Transcontinental Railroad

Hiroyuki Okamuro
Evolution of the Supplier Network in the German Automotive Industry from the Prewar to the Postwar Period: A Comparative Perspective with the Japanese Experience

Hiroyuki Okamuro
Survival of New Firms in an Industry Agglomeration: An Empirical Analysis Using Tokyo Telephone Directories from the 1980s

Judit Olah
Empowering through Entrepreneurship: The Maverick Springs Oil Field and the Wind River Reservation

Frida Östman
Regulatory Regime Change in the Swedish Residential Mortgage Market

Frida Östman
A Residential Mortgage Market in Crisis: Something to Learn from the Swedish Case

Julia Ott
The "Free and Open" "People's Market": Public Relations at the New York Stock Exchange, 1913-1929

Tommaso Pardi
Do State and Politics Matter? The Case of Nissan's Direct Investment in Great Britain and Its Implications for British Leyland

Mike Parsons and Mary B. Rose
Lead-User Innovation and the U.K. Outdoor Trade since 1850

Laura D. Phillips
The Economics and Ideology of American Fair Trade: Louis Brandeis and Open Price Associations, 1911-1919

William H. Phillips
The Democratization of Invention in the American South: Antebellum and Postbellum Technology Markets in the United States

Yovanna Pineda
Analysis of Manufacturing Strategies and Profits: Industrial Development in Argentina, 1904–1930

Caroline Piquet
The Suez Company's Concession, 1854–1956: Making Modern Infrastructure, Destroying the Potential of the Local Economy

Eline Poelmans
The Mixed Economy and the Concentration of the Coal Companies in the European Coal and Steel Community between 1952 and 1967

Daniele Pozzi
Techno-Managerial Competences in Enrico Mattei's AGIP: A Prolonged Accumulation Process in an International Relationship Network, 1935–1965

Núria Puig and Adoración Álvaro
International Aid and National Entrepreneurship: A Comparative Analysis of Pro-American Business Networks in Southern Europe, 1950–1975

Núria Puig and Rafael Castro
Changing and Persisting Patterns of International Investment: French and German Capital in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Spain

David Raley
The Origins of a Corporate Giant: Tennessee Gas and Transmission's Wartime Pipeline

Scott A. Redenius
Regional Economic Development and Variation in Postbellum National Bank Profit Rates

Lydia Redman
Knowledge Is Power? Victorian and Edwardian Employers and the Rhetoric of Expertise

Jonathan Rees
The Natural Price of Natural Ice in America, 1880-1910

Simona Segre Reinach
Fashion and National Identity: Interactions between Italians and Chinese in the Global Fashion Industry

Marta Rey and Nuria Puig
Understanding the Organized Philanthropic Activities of Entrepreneurial Families

Sébastien Richez
From the Transport to the Delivery of Mail: The Transformation of the French Postal Network in the Nineteenth Century

Alberto Rinaldi and Michelangelo Vasta
State-Owned Enterprises in the Italian Corporate Network, 1972-1983

Mary B. Rose and Lorraine Johnston
"To Design for the Future You Must Leaf Through the Past": Museums as Part of Systems of Innovation

J. Andrew Ross
Hockey Capital: Approaches to the Study of Sports Industry

J. Andrew Ross
Trust and Antitrust: The Failure of the First National Hockey League Players' Association, 1957-1958

Daniel L. Rust
Lambert-St. Louis International Airport's Alternative W-lW: A Case Study

Elizabeth Sage
Disciplinary Practice and the Practice of Discipline, or Political Economy and Paternalism in Nineteenth-Century France

Fredrik Sandgren
A New Quest for Efficiency: The Postwar Program of the Federation of Swedish Wholesalers

Joseph Santos
Going against the Grain: Why Did Wheat Marketing in the United States and Canada Evolve So Differently?

Mohamed Sassi
Compagnie Française des Pétroles and Its Contribution to the Re-establishment of France's Position among the Oil Countries after the Second World War

Mohamed Sassi
The Emergence of the French Oil Industry between the Two Wars

Mohamed Sassi
Evolution of the Structure of the French Oil Economy between the Wars: Toward a French Holding Company

Stefan Schwarzkopf
What Was Advertising? The Invention, Rise, Demise, and Disappearance of Advertising Concepts in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-century Europe and America

Marlis Schweitzer
Uplifting Makeup: Actresses' Testimonials and the Cosmetics Industry, 1910–1918

Daniel Scroop
A Faded Passion? Estes Kefauver and the Senate Subcommittee on Antitrust and Monopoly, 1957–1963

Simone Selva
The Economic Implications of Early Military Assistance to Western Europe under the Truman Administration, 1949–1951

Simone Selva
State and Economy in Italy before the Economic Miracle: Economic Policy and International Constraints from the Reconstruction through the Pre-Boom Years

Peter Sheldon and Louise Thornthwaite
Members or Clients? Employer Associations, the Decentralization of Bargaining, and the Reorientation of Service Provision: Evidence from Europe and Australia

Minoru Shimamoto
R&D Strategy and Knowledge Creation in Japanese Chemical Firms, 1980-2010

Hiroshi Shimizu
Pitfalls of Open Innovation: The Technological Trajectory in Laser Diodes in the United States and Japan

Hiroshi Shimizu and Takashi Hirao
Collaborative Research Networks in Semiconductor Laser Technology, 1960-2000: A Comparative Perspective on Networks and Breakthroughs in the United States and Japan

Hiroshi Shimizu and Satoshi Kudo
How Well Does Knowledge Travel? The Transition from Energy to Commercial Application of Laser Diode Fabrication Technology

Bryant Simon
Up-Close in the Flat World: Learning about the Global at a Local Starbucks in Singapore

Philip H. Slaby
The Contradictions of Controlled Immigration: Mines, Foreign Labor, and the State in Interwar France

Edith Sparks
Terms of Endearment: Informal Borrowing Networks among Northern California Businesswomen, 1870–1920

Uwe Spiekermann
Claus Spreckels: A Biographical Case Study of Nineteenth-Century American Immigrant Entrepreneurship

Maria Stanfors
Feminization and Professionalization of Pharmacies in Sweden

Natalia Starostina
"Money was of no consideration": French Railway Companies and Sustaining Troops on the Battlefields during the Great War

Marc Stern
The Fitness Movement and the Fitness Center Industry, 1960-2000

Marc Stern
Real or Rogue Charity? Private Health Clubs vs. the YMCA, 1970-2010

Gayle Strege
Influences of Two Midwestern American Department Stores on Retailing Practices, 1883-1941

Jeffrey L. Sturchio and Louis Galambos
The German Connection: Merck and the Flow of Knowledge from Germany to the United States, 1880-1930

Richard Sylla and Robert E. Wright
Networks and History's Generalizations: Comparing the Financial Systems of Germany, Japan, Great Britain, and the United States

Graham D. Taylor
"From Shirtsleeves to Shirtless": The Bronfman Dynasty and the Seagram Empire

Graham D. Taylor
Seagram Comes to Scotland: The Role of Local Players in the Overseas Expansion of a Canadian Multinational, 1949-1965

Kevin Tennent
Management and Networks: To What Extent Were Free-Standing Companies Controlled from the Home Country? Four Scottish Examples, 1865-1885

Francesca Tesi
The Application of Taylorism in France: The Role of the Michelin Family in the Rationalization of French Work

Gregory L. Thompson
How Portland's Power Brokers Accommodated the Anti-Highway Movement of the Early 1970s: The Decision to Build Light Rail

Ross Thomson
The Continuity of Wartime Innovation: The Civil War Experience

Ross Thomson
Did the Telegraph Lead Electrification? Industry and Science in American Innovation

Ross Thomson
From the Old to the New: The Social Basis of Innovation in the Antebellum United States

Ross Thomson
The Government and Innovation in the United States: Insights from Major Innovators

Ross Thomson
Understanding Machine Tool Development in the United States: Uniting Economic and Business History

Steven Tolliday
Crumbling Dream: Japan's Nuclear Quest, 1954-2011

Janice Traflet
"Own Your Share of American Business": Public Relations at the NYSE during the Cold War

Gail D. Triner
Property Rights, Kinship Groups, and Business Partnerships in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Brazil: The Case of the St. John d'el Rey Mining Company, 1834–1960

Cheng-Hua Tzeng
The State, the Social Sector, and the Market in the Making of China's First Entrepreneurial Venture

C. H. Tzeng
Understanding Economic Development in Modern China: The Interplay among the State, the Market, and the Social Sector

John F. Uggen
The Day the Music Died: Rooney, Pace and the Hostile Takeover of the Norlin Corporation

John G. Uggen
The Emergence of Multinational Enterprise in Ecuador: The Case of the Ecuadorian Corporation

Maki Umemura
The Interplay between Entrepreneurial Initiative and Government Policy: The Shaping of the Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry since 1945

Heli Valtonen
Does Culture Matter? Entrepreneurial Attitudes in the Autobiographies of Twentieth-Century Business Leaders in Finland and the United States

Pierre Vernus
Regulating the Activity of a Business Community: Employers' Organizations in the Lyon Silk Industry, 1860s–1939

Catherine Vuillermot
The Schneider Network during the Presidency of Charles Schneider, 1942–1960

Michael Wagner
Managing to Compete: The Hudson's Bay, Levant, and Russia Companies, 1714-1763

Robert E. Weems, Jr.
The 1961 National Conference on Black Business: The “Negro Market,” the Cold War, and the Future of Black Business in America

Carl Weinberg
Big Dixie Chicken Goes Global: Exports and the Rise of the North Georgia Poultry Industry

Lesley Whitworth
Inscribing Design on the Nation: The Creators of the British Council of Industrial Design

Terrence H. Witkowski and D. G. Brian Jones
Historiography in Marketing: Its Growth, Structure of Inquiry, and Disciplinary Status

Robert E. Wright
Governance and the Success of U.S. Community Banks, 1790-2010: Mutual Savings Banks, Local Commercial Banks, and the Merchants (National) Bank of New Bedford, Massachusetts

Shakila Yacob
Beyond Borders: Ford in Malaya, 1926–1957

Takashi Yamamoto
East Meets the West in an Entrepreneurial Farming Village in Japan: Endogenous Development Theories and Economic Gardening Practices

Alexia Yates
Developing Knowledge, the Knowledge of Development: Real Estate Speculators and Brokers in Late Nineteenth-Century Paris

JoAnne Yates and Craig N. Murphy
From Setting National Standards to Coordinating International Standards: The Formation of the ISO

Yi-Wen Yu
Rethinking the Kirby Puzzle: A Reassessment of Chinese Companies' Incorporation from the Public and Corporate Finance Perspectives, 1860-1949

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