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Benjamin Schwantes
German Historical Institute

William J. Hausman
College of William & Mary
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Style Guide

Before submitting your paper for BEH On-Line, please consult the complete style guide, and view the papers on-line from earlier volumes. Note that we ask authors to supply a minimum of formatting to make it easier to place the text into BEH style for the Web. In addition, especially note the following:
  • Please include an abstract of 150-200 words; this is usually the same abstract as that submitted for the meeting abstracts page.
  • Please do not use headers or footers.
  • Do not supply a bibliography.
  • We do not use publishers' names in book citations; we do require volume number, year, and month or issue number when applicable in journal citations, as well as inclusive page numbers.
  • We require page numbers for all quotations from printed sources, and as much identifying information as possible for quotations from manuscript or other non-print sources.
  • Please supply full names for all people mentioned in the text and spell out all acronyms at first mention.
  • Please supply full names for all authors in book and journal citations.
  • Please include the inclusive page numbers for essays in books.
  • Foreign-language titles in other than French, German, or Spanish should be translated, with the English supplied in brackets.
  • If possible, please supply a JPEG image of any photographic or similar illustrations as a separate item, though it is fine to place a copy in the text as well.
  • When possible, please supply titles and source lines separate from the figures themselves so that they may be edited. Alternatively, supply the original Excel or other file so that it may be manipulated by the editor.

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