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Second Series, Volume 18, 1989
Edited by William J. Hausman

Front Matter   View as PDF

The Family Business
1989 Presidential Address
Wayne Broehl   View as PDF

Dissertation Session
Testing the Phantom F-4 II: Engineering Practice in the Development of American Military Aircraft, 1954-1969
Glenn E. Bugos
  View as PDF

The Economics of Multiple Governments: New Jersey Corporate Chartermongering, 1875-1929
Christopher Grandy
  View as PDF

United States Direct Investment in Japan: Studies in Government Policy and Corporate Strategy
Mark Mason
  View as PDF

State Intervention and Industrialization: The Origins of the Brazilian Automotive Industry
Helen Shapiro
  View as PDF
The Development of Distribution Systems in Japan before World War II
Nobuo Kawabe
  View as PDF

Rowntree and Market Strategy, 1897-1939
Robert Fitzgerald
  View as PDF

From Commodity to Specialty Chemicals: Cellulose Products and Naval Stores at the Hercules Powder Company, 1919-1939
Davis Dyer
and David B. Sicilia   View as PDF

Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals: Eli Lilly and Company, 1876-1948
James H. Madison
  View as PDF

How To Succeed in Business: Lessons from the Struggle between Ford and General Motors during the 1920s and 1930s
Anthony Patrick O'Brien
  View as PDF

Frank and Lillian Gilbreth and the Manufacture and Marketing of Motion Study, 1908-1924
Brian Price
  View as PDF

Marketing the Women's Journals, 1873-1900
Mary Ellen Waller-Zuckerman
  View as PDF

Marketing and Financing Home Ownership: Mortgage Lending and Public Policy in the United States, 1918-1989
Marc A. Weiss
  View as PDF

Product Design and Cost Considerations: Clock, Watch, and Typewriter Manufacturing in the 19th Century
Donald Hoke
  View as PDF

Developing and Utilizing Technological Leadership: Industrial Research, Vertical Integration, and Business Strategy at the Draper Company, 1816-1930
William Mass
  View as PDF

Invention, Markets, and the Scope of the Firm: The Nineteenth Century U.S. Shoe Machinery Industry
Ross Thomson
  View as PDF

Time Management, Writing, and Accounting in the Eighteenth-Century English Trading Family: A Bourgeois Enlightenment
Margaret Hunt
  View as PDF

Marketing at Burlington Industries, 1923-1962
Annette Cox
  View as PDF

Managing Marketing in a Commodities Manufacturing Firm: Dominion Textile
Barbara Austin
  View as PDF

Manufacturing and Marketing: Vertical Integration in the U.S. Tire Manufacturing Industry, 1890-1980s
Michael French
  View as PDF

The Inward Thrust of Institutional Advertising: General Electric and General Motors in the 1920s
Roland Marchand
  View as PDF

Professionalization in Pensions and the U.S. Economy: A Chandlerian Framework for the Post-Chandlerian Age
Steven A. Sass
  View as PDF

Information Systems for Handling Manufacturing and Marketing Data in American Firms, 1880-1920
JoAnne Yates
  View as PDF

Belgian Domestic Steel Cartels and the Re-Rollers, 1933-38
Daniel Barbezat
  View as PDF

The Manufacturing and Marketing of Steel in Canada: Dofasco, Inc., 1912-1970
Mark W. Bailey
and Gordon Boyce   View as PDF

New Markets, Outmoded Manufacturing: The Transition from Manufactured Gas to Natural Gas by Northeastern Utilities after World War II
Chris Castaneda
and Joseph Pratt   View as PDF

Conference Crossword   View as PDF