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Second Series, Volume 21, 1992
Edited by William J. Hausman

Front Matter   View as PDF

What Makes Us Think We Can Put Business Back into Business History?
1992 Presidential Address
Louis Galambos   View as PDF

Dissertation Session
Financing the Corporate Revolution
William Michael Doyle
  View as PDF

Information Systems and Internal Organization: A Study of the Dow Chemical Company, 1890-1914
Margaret C. Levenstein
  View as PDF

To Build Wings for the Angels: Los Angeles and Its Aircraft Industry, 1890-1936
Joseph E. Libby
  View as PDF

What Caused Conglomerate Formation: An Examination of Managerial Behavior and Internal Capital Markets in the 1960s Conglomerates
Barbara McCutcheon
  View as PDF
Panel Discussion
How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying: Remarks on Martin Sklar's Corporate Reconstruction of American Capitalism
James Livingston
  View as PDF

Martin Sklar's The Corporate Reconstruction of American Capitalism
Naomi Lamoreaux
  View as PDF

Remarks Concerning Martin J. Sklar's The Corporate Reconstruction of American Capitalism
Ellis W. Hawley
  View as PDF

Author's Remarks
Martin J. Sklar
  View as PDF
"Innovation" in U.S. Agriculture: A Role for New Deal Regulation
Sally Clarke
  View as PDF

Political Culture, Public Policy, and the Development of the American Aircraft Industry to 1945
Jacob Vander Meulen
  View as PDF

Female Entrepreneurs in Albany, 1840-1885
Susan Ingalls Lewis
  View as PDF

Scribbling Women as Entrepreneurs: Kate Field (1838-96) and Charlotte Smith (1840-1917)
Autumn Stanley
  View as PDF

The Disintegration and Re-integration of International Capital Markets in the 19th Century
Larry Neal
  View as PDF

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. and the Challenge to Managerial Capitalism
Allen Kaufman
and Ernest J. Englander   View as PDF

Umpires at Bat: Setting Food Standards by Government Regulation
Clayton A. Coppin
and Jack High   View as PDF

Food and Drug Enforcers in the 1920s: Restraining and Educating Business
James Harvey Young
  View as PDF

The Evolution of the Strategy and Structure of a State-Owned Company: The Case of Agip Petroli S.p.A., 1960-1990
Luigi Orsenigo, Guilio Sapelli
, and Pier Angelo Toninelli   View as PDF

Oil Corporations and Public Policy: A UK-US Comparison, 1900-1975
T. A. B. Corley
  View as PDF

An Example of "Other People's Money": Dutch Capital in American Railroads
Augustus J. Veenendaal, Jr.
  View as PDF

Varig Airlines of Brazil: An Enterprising German Investment
Marion K. Pinsdorf
  View as PDF

The Debate over Public Policy and the Emergence of Commercial Broadcasting in the United States: 1927-1935
Robert E. McChesney
  View as PDF

Public Policy and the Evolution of Cable Television: 1950-1990
William Emmons
  View as PDF

Women of the FCC: Activists or Tokens?
Carol A. Weisenberger
  View as PDF

British Monetary Policy and the Banking System in the 1950s
Duncan Ross
  View as PDF

Public Policy and British Multinational Banks, 1914-1982
Geoffrey Jones
  View as PDF

Understanding the Strategy and Dynamics of Long-Lived Family Firms
Philip Scranton
  View as PDF

Michael Porter's Competitive Advantage and Business History
Robert E. Ankli
  View as PDF

International Business and Economic Integration: Competitive Business Strategies Past and Present
Dennis M. P. McCarthy
  View as PDF

Managerial Capitalism and Public Policy
William H. Becker
  View as PDF

Competition Policy in Germany
Wilfried Feldenkirchen
  View as PDF

Japanese Industrial Policy during the Interwar Period: Strategies for International and Domestic Competition
Hideaki Miyajima
  View as PDF

State Economic Policy and the Region in Pennsylvania, 1853-1895
Edward J. Davies II
  View as PDF

The Lure of Technology and the Appeal of Order: Railroad Safety Regulations in Nineteenth-Century America
Steven W. Usselman
  View as PDF

Golden Silence: Why the Express Chose Not to Incorporate
Peter Z. Grossman
  View as PDF

From Success to Progress: The Professionalization and Legitimation of Advertising Practitioners, 1820-1920
Pamela Walker Laird
  View as PDF

Information Technology and Business Processes in the 20th Century Insurance Industry
JoAnne Yates
  View as PDF

Close Partners: The Adoption of Industry Management Procedures by the Department of Defense
Lucille E. Horgan
  View as PDF

Sugar Barons and Bureaucrats: Unravelling the Relationship between Economic Interests and Government in Modern Germany, 1799-1945
George S. Vascik
  View as PDF

Nationalism and Industrial Development in Finland
Karl-Erik Michelsen
and Markku Kuisma   View as PDF

The Cost of Francoist Economic Policies to a British Firm: Rio Tinto Company, 1939-1954
Antonio Gómez-Mendoza
  View as PDF