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Volume 22, 1993
No. 1, Fall
Edited by William J. Hausman

Front Matter   View as PDF

1993 Presidential Address
K. Austin Kerr   View as PDF

Dissertation Session
The Baldwin Locomotive Works, the Capital Equipment Sector, and American Industrial Practice in the Nineteenth Century
John K. Brown
  View as PDF

The Business of Progress: The Transformation of American Advertising, 1870-1920
Pamela Walker Laird
  View as PDF

Niche Products in the British Motor Car Industry: A History of MG and Triumph Sports Cars, 1945-81
Timothy R. Whisler
  View as PDF

Cooperatives and Corporations: The Sun-Maid Antitrust Case and the Legal Status of Agricultural Cooperation, 1890-1943
Victoria Saker Woeste
  View as PDF
Business Organization as a Coordination Problem: Toward a Dynamic Theory of the Boundaries of the Firm
Richard N. Langlois
and Paul L. Robertson   View as PDF

International Business Networks: Theory and History
Mark Casson
and Howard Cox   View as PDF

Firms and Markets: Towards a Theory of Business History
T. A. B. Corley
  View as PDF

Technological Determinism and the Firm
David B. Sicilia
  View as PDF

The Innovative Organization: Viewed from the Shoulders of Chandler, Lazonick, et al.
Louis Galambos
  View as PDF

Innovation, the Firm, and Society
Kenneth Lipartito
  View as PDF

Alfred Chandler's Speed: Monetary Transformation
Anne Mayhew
and Sidney L. Carroll   View as PDF

Patterns of Analysis in Accounting History
Paul J. Miranti, Jr.
  View as PDF

The Cult of Mer: or Why There Is a Collective in Your Consciousness
Edward W. Constant II
  View as PDF

Evolution of "Partnership Rationality" in Japan: The Logic of Collaboration between Rival Firms
Sung-Joon Roh
  View as PDF

The Organization of the Developmental State: Fostering Private Capabilities and the Roots of the Japanese "Miracle"
William Mass
and Hideaki Miyajima   View as PDF

ICL: Taming the R&D Beast
Martin Campbell-Kelly
  View as PDF

New Engineering Companies and the Evolution of the United States Computer Industry
Arthur L. Norberg
  View as PDF

Necessity as the Mother of Convention: Developing the ICBM, 1954-1958
Davis Dyer
  View as PDF

Programming the American Aerospace Industry, 1954-1964: The Business Structure of Technical Transactions
Glenn E. Bugos
  View as PDF

A Reappraisal of the Role of Finance in the Corporate Revolution of the Late Nineteenth Century
William Doyle
  View as PDF

Demand Forecasts and Electrical Energy Politics: The Pacific Northwest
Daniel Pope
  View as PDF

Toward a Theory of the Family Firm: The Case of Bouchayer-Viallet of Grenoble, 1868-1972
Robert J. Smith
  View as PDF

Work and Technological Change: Musicians and the Film Industry, 1926-1940
James P. Kraft
  View as PDF

African-American Business Leaders in the South, 1810-1945: Business Success, Community Leadership and Racial Protest
John N. Ingham
  View as PDF

Family, Training, and Career in the British Coal Industry in the Era of Decline
Michael Dintenfass
  View as PDF

Early Examples of User-Based Industrial Research
Janet T. Knoedler
  View as PDF

Pressure on the Price Waterhouse Partnership: Decisions of the 1960s and Implications for Today
Kathleen McDermott
  View as PDF

Thomas & Betts Limited: An Application of the "Theory" of Direct Foreign Investment
Louis P. Cain
  View as PDF

Explaining the Collapse of the British Electrical Supply Industry in the 1880s: Gas versus Electric Lighting Prices
Daniel R. Shiman
  View as PDF