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Volume 23, 1994
No. 1 Fall
Edited by William J. Hausman

[There was no 1994 Presidential Address because President Richard Vietor was unable to attend due to illness.]

Front Matter   View as PDF

Dissertation Session
Building an American Book Trade: Philadelphia Publishing in the New Republic
Rosalind Remer
  View as PDF

Mr. Kaiser Goes to Washington: Saga of a Government Entrepreneur
Stephen B. Adams
  View as PDF

The Rise and Fall of Fraternal Methods of Social Insurance: A Case Study of the Independent Order of Oddfellows of British Columbia Sickness Insurance, 1874-1051
J. C. Herbert Emery
  View as PDF

The Entry of Established Electronics Companies into the Early Computer Industry in the UK and the USA
Anthony Gandy
  View as PDF

Comment on Recent Dissertations in Business History
William R. Childs
  View as PDF
"Mr. Fowle Pray Pay the Washwoman": The Trade of a London Goldsmith-Banker, 1660-1692
D. M. Mitchell
  View as PDF

Tallies or Reserves? Sir Francis Child's Balance between Capital Reserves and Extending Credit to the Crown, 1685-1695
Stephen Quinn
  View as PDF

The East India Company, 1749-1800: The Evolution of a Territorial Strategy and the Changing Role of the Directors
P. Bruce Buchan
  View as PDF

Planter Industrialists and Iron Oligarchs: A Comparative Prosopography of Early Anglo-American Ironmasters
John Bezis Selfa
  View as PDF

Rural Elites in the Commercial Development of New York, 1780-1840
Thomas S. Wermuth
  View as PDF

Enterprise in Motion in the Early American Republic: The Federal Government and the Making of Thomas Worthington
Marion Nelson Winship
  View as PDF

Urban Investment versus Local Enterprise: Railroad Financing in Pennsylvania and Virginia, 1830-1860
John Majewski
  View as PDF

Contagion Effects of Three Late Nineteenth Century British Bank Failures
Ashraf A. Mahate
  View as PDF

Higher Education for an Innovative Economy: Land-Grant Colleges and the Managerial Revolution in America
Louis Ferleger
and William Lazonick   View as PDF

Gendered Concerns: Thoughts on the History of Business and the History of Women
Wendy Gamber
  View as PDF

The Engineers and Standardization
Janet Knoedler
and Anne Mayhew   View as PDF

The End of the Chemical Century? Organizational Capabilities and Industry Evolution
John Kenly Smith, Jr.
  View as PDF

Financing the Electric Industry Worldwide: Strategy and Structure of the Swiss Electric Holding Companies, 1895-1945
Luciano Segreto
  View as PDF

The 1916 Tariff Commission: Democrats' Use of Expert Information to Constrain Republican Tariff Protection
Karen E. Schnietz
  View as PDF

Stuart Chase: A Radical CPA and the Meat Packing Investigation, 1917-1918
Linda J. Bradley
and Barbara D. Merino   View as PDF

Foreign Trade Strategies of I.G. Farben after World War I
Elisabeth Glaser-Schmidt
  View as PDF

Accounting Reform at the German National Railway Company, 1924-1932
Alfred C. Mierzejewski
  View as PDF

A Perspective on the New Deal and Financial Reporting: Andrew Barr and the Securities and Exchange Commission, 1938-1972
Gary John Previts
and Dale L. Flesher   View as PDF

Competing for Dollars and Technology: The United States and the Modernization of the French and German Steel Industries after World War II
Matthias Kipping
  View as PDF

The Role of Women in Major Public Accounting Firms in the United States during World War II
Charles W. Wootton
and Wanda G. Spruill   View as PDF

Economics of Brewing, Theory and Practice: Concentration and Technological Change in the USA, UK, and West Germany since 1945
Terence R. Gourvish
  View as PDF

The First Venture Capitalist: Financing Development in Britain after 1945: The Case of ICFC/3i
Richard Coopey
  View as PDF

The Failure of Fax: When a Vision Is Not Enough
Jonathan Coopersmith
  View as PDF

Federalist Industrial Policy: State and Federal Government Efforts at Industrial Modernization in the 1980s
Allen Kaufman, Ross Gittell
, and Ernie Englander   View as PDF