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Volume 25, 1996
No. 1 Fall
Edited by William J. Hausman

Front Matter   View as PDF

Managerial Culture and the American Political Economy
1996 Presidential Address
William H. Becker   View as PDF

Dissertation Section
The Making of New York City's Bourgeoisie, 1850-1886
Sven Beckert
  View as PDF

Imgaining Consumers: Manufacturers and Markets in Ceramics and Glass, 1865-1965
Regina Lee Blaszczyk
  View as PDF

Whiskey-Manure Engines and "Haut, Fiery Gouts": The Scotch Whiskey Industry and Its Causal Relation to Scotland's Economic Transformation
Peter deH. Caldwell
  View as PDF

Corporate Response to Technological Change: Dieselization and the American Railway Locomotive Industry during the Twentieth Century
Albert Churella
  View as PDF

The Struggle for Control of the Modern Corporation: Organizational Change at General Motors, 1924-1958
Robert F. Freeland
  View as PDF

Dissertation Session Comments
Christine Meisner Rosen   View as PDF
Business Historians and the World Wide Web
K. Austin Kerr
  View as PDF

Searching for Wisdom on the World Wide Web: A Modest Beginning
Patricia L. Denault
  View as PDF

Toward an Historical Sociology of Business Culture
Thomas J. Misa
  View as PDF

The Significance of Spatial Theory for Business Historians
Philip Scranton
  View as PDF

International Economic Integration and Business Cultures: Comparative Historical Perspectives
Dennis M. P. McCarthy
  View as PDF

Innovation and Industry Shakeouts
Steven Klepper
and Kenneth L. Simons   View as PDF

Intermediate Modes and International Business
Gordon Boyce
  View as PDF

Agents of Adhocracy: Management Consultants and the Reorganization of the Executive Branch, 1947-1949
Christopher D. McKenna
  View as PDF

The U.S. Influence on the Evolution of Management Consultancies in Britain, France, and Germany since 1945
Matthias Kipping
  View as PDF

J. Walter Thompson Company and Its Clients: Marketing a Relationship
Jonathan Silva
  View as PDF

Intermediaries and Invention: Business Agents and the Edison Electric Pen and Duplicating Press
Jill E. Cooper
  View as PDF

Captive Supplier or Partner? Sears, Whirlpool and Washer Design
Malcolm B. Russell
  View as PDF

A Man Born Out of Season: Eddie Rickenbacker, Eastern Airlines, and the Civil Aeronautics Board
W. David Lewis
  View as PDF

Rising to the Occasion: Lender's Bagels and the Frozen Food Revolution, 1927-1985
Eldon Bernstein
and Fred Carstensen   View as PDF

Productivity Growth at Ford in the Coming of Mass Production: A Preliminary Analysis
Daniel M. G. Raff
  View as PDF

Consumers, Information, and Marketing Efficiency at GM, 1921-1940
Sally Clarke
  View as PDF

The British Motor Industry and the Government, 1944-52: A Reappraisal
Tim Whisler
  View as PDF

"Making It Like in Detroit": British Managers and American Productivity Methods, 1945-c.1965
Nick Tiratsoo
and Terence R. Gourvish   View as PDF

The Role of Management in the Decline of the American Steel Industry
Robert E. Ankli
and Eva Sommer   View as PDF

Market Research at Merrill Lynch & Co., 1940-1945: New Directions for Stockbrokers
Edwin J. Perkins
  View as PDF

Establishing Mediation as Enterprise: The Career of Anna Rosenberg
Jacqueline McGlade
  View as PDF

Profiling the New Industrial Professionals: The First CPAs of 1896-97
Dale L. Flesher, Gary John Previts
, and Tonya K. Flesher   View as PDF

Re-educating European Management: The Marshall Plan's Campaign against Restrictive Business Practices in France, 1949-1953
Kai R. Pedersen
  View as PDF

Industrial Identities and Civic Imperatives: The Life Tales of British Coal Masters and the Problem of Economic Decline
Michael Dintenfass
  View as PDF

The Interwar Response of the Southern Pacific Company and the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway to Passenger Road Competition
Gregory L. Thompson
  View as PDF

Railways and the Coming of Road Transport in the Netherlands, 1919-1940
Augustus J. Veenendaal, Jr.
  View as PDF