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Volume 26, 1997
No. 2 Winter
Edited by William J. Hausman

Front Matter   View as PDF

Business History and Beyond
1997 Presidential Address
Mansel G. Blackford   View as PDF

Dissertation Session
Of Business Biography, Media Romance, and Corporate Family Drama
Eric Guthey
  View as PDF

Wine, Work, and Wealth: Class Relations and Modernization in the Champagne Wine Industry, 1970-1914
Kolleen M. Guy
  View as PDF

The Electric Car and the Burden of History: Studies in Automotive Systems Rivalry in America, 1890-1996
David A. Kirsch
  View as PDF

The Myth of the Corporate Economy: Factor Costs, Industrial Structure, and Technological Choice in the Lancashire and New England Cotton Industries, 1900-1913
Timothy Leunig
  View as PDF

Railroads and the Brazilian Economy before 1914
William R. Summerhill
  View as PDF

The Finance and Growth of the Lancashire Cotton Textile Industry, 1870-1914
J. S. Toms
  View as PDF

Dissertation Session Comments
Ann M. Carlos
  View as PDF

Dissertation Session Comments
Steven Tolliday
  View as PDF
Peterstal and Wistarburg: The Transfer and Adaptation of Business Strategies in Eighteenth-Century American Glassmaking
Rosalind J. Beiler
  View as PDF

Demand Has Shape: Exports, Entrepreneurs, and the Eighteenth-Century Economy
John Smail
  View as PDF

Developing Expertise: Two Episodes in Early Nineteenth Century U.S. Management Accounting History
Richard K. Fleischman
and Thomas N. Tyson   View as PDF

Banks, Economics, and Power during the Second Reign: The Sociedade Bancária Mauá, MacGregor & Cia, 1854-1866
Carlos Gabriel Guimarães
  View as PDF

Retailing in the Countryside: Upper Canadian General Stores in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
Douglas McCalla
  View as PDF

An Economic and Business History of Worksharing: The Bell Canada and Volkswagen Experiences
Michael Huberman
  View as PDF

The Rise and Fall of Government Telegraphy in Britain
C. R. Perry
  View as PDF

Taking the Water-Cure: The Hydropathic Movement in Scotland, 1840-1940
James Bradley, Margaret Dupree
, and Alastair Durie   View as PDF

British and European Insurance Enterprise in American Markets, 1850-1914
Robin Pearson
  View as PDF

British Cost and Management Accounting Theory and Practice, c.1850-c.1950: Resolved and Unresolved Issues
Trevor Boyns
and John Richard Edwards   View as PDF

Bank Securities Holdings and Industrial Finance before World War I: Britain and Germany Compared
Caroline Fohlin
  View as PDF

Amalgamation or Trust: Anglo-Scottish and American Comparative Legal Institutions and How They Shaped the Nations' Whiskey Industries, 1870-1900
Peter Caldwell
  View as PDF

Engineering Dreams into Disaster: History of the Tay Bridge
Marion K. Pinsdorf
  View as PDF

Drowning Her Sorrows: Widowhood and Entrepreneurship in the Champagne Industry
Kolleen M. Guy
  View as PDF

British Investment in the American Mining Frontier
Roger Burt
  View as PDF

J. & P. Coats as a Multinational before 1914
Dong-Woon Kim
  View as PDF

Electrical Imperialism or Multinational Cooperation? The Role of Big Business in Supplying Light and Power to St. Petersburg before 1917
Timo Myllyntaus
  View as PDF

British Finance, Scottish Brokers, and Colonial Development: John Macfarlane Ritchie and the National Mortgage & Agency Company of New Zealand, 1877-1912
Jim McAloon
  View as PDF

Rethinking the Paternalist Paradigm in Japanese Industrial Management
William M. Tsutsui
  View as PDF

The Committee of Fourteen and Saloon Reform in New York City, 1905-1920
Mara L. Keire
  View as PDF

Managerial Conflict and Resistance: The Distinct Corporate Cultures of DuPont and Sun Oil
Christiane Diehl-Taylor
  View as PDF

Competitive Advantage and Foreign Direct Investment: Britain, 1913-1938
T. A. B. Corley
  View as PDF

The Business of Alcohol in the US and the UK: UK Regulation and Drinking Habits, 1914-39
Terence R. Gourvish
  View as PDF

More Peculiarities of the British: Budgetary Control in U.S. and UK Business to 1939
John M. Quail
  View as PDF

Inter-War Changes in Gasoline Distribution: A U.S.-U.K. Comparison
Donald F. Dixon
  View as PDF

Models of Control in Italian Capitalism from the Mixed Bank to Mediobanca, 1894-1993
Luciano Segreto
  View as PDF

When Organizations Collide: The Case of Physicians and Hospitals in the United States
Deborah A. Savage
and Paul L. Robertson   View as PDF

Creating, Transmitting, and Transforming a Corporate Culture in a Public Sector Enterprise: The General Post Office, 1920-1990
John Griffiths
  View as PDF

Thunder from Arosa: Karl Kimmich and the Reconstruction of the Stollwerck Company
Gerald D. Feldman
  View as PDF

Competition between Private and Public Enterprise in Spain, 1939-1959: An Alternative View
Antonio Gómez-Mendoza
and Elena San-Román   View as PDF

GATT Fifty Years Ago: U.S. Trade Policy and Imperial Tariff Preferences
Thomas W. Zeiler
  View as PDF

"Show Business in the Living Room": Management Expectations for American Television, 1947-56
James L. Baughman
  View as PDF

Frozen Fish Companies, the State, and Fisheries Development in Newfoundland, 1940-1966
Miriam Wright
  View as PDF

Collusion and Competition: The Electrical Engineering Industry in the United Kingdom and West Germany between 1945 and the Late 1960s
Josef Reindl
  View as PDF

Britain's "Manifest Industrial Destiny": The Culture of High Technology and Industrial Performance in the Twentieth Century
M. W. Kirby
  View as PDF

Britain's Most Dynamic Sector? Competitive Advantage in Multiple Food Retailing
Carlo Morelli
  View as PDF

Technological Change, Competitive Advantage, and Corporate Response in the 20th-Century European Shipping Industry: The Case of the Ahlers Shipping Company, 1960-1980
Reba Carruth
  View as PDF

Deregulation and Professional Boundaries: Evidence from the English Legal Profession
James H. Love
and Frank H. Stephen   View as PDF

American Entertainment in the 1990s
James P. Kraft
  View as PDF

Entrepreneurial Networks in International Business
Mark Casson
  View as PDF