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Volume 27, 1998
No. 2 Winter
Edited by William J. Hausman

Front Matter   View as PDF

America, the Cold War, and I
1998 Presidential Address
Leslie Hannah   View as PDF

"Holding the Line against Philadelphia": Business, Suburban Change, and the Main Line's Suburban Square, 1926-1950
Stephanie Dyer
  View as PDF

Invisible Cities: Lewis Mumford, Thomas Adams, and the Invention of the Regional City, 1923-1929
Andrew A. Meyers
  View as PDF

Zoning the Industrial City: Planners, Commissioners, and Boosters in the 1920s
Marina Moskowitz
  View as PDF

"More than a Strike": Ethnicty, Labor Relations, and the Origins of the Protocol of Peace in the New York Ladies' Garment Industry
Richard A. Greenwald
  View as PDF

The Good Old Days of Poverty: Merchants and the Battle over Pushcart Peddling on the Lower East Side
Suzanne Wasserman
  View as PDF

The Effects of Changes in Loan Demand and Deposits on Changes in Bankers' Deposits Maintained for a Country National Bank, 1920-1929
Michael R. McAvoy
  View as PDF

European Banking Clubs in the 1960s: A Flawed Strategy
Duncan M. Ross
  View as PDF

Banco Regional de Desenvolvimento do Extremo-Sul: A Regional Pro-Development Institution
Pedro Cezar Dutra Fonseca
  View as PDF

Market Imperatives and Innovation Cycles: The Effects of Technological Discontinuities on the Twentieth-Century Locomotive Industry
Albert Churella
  View as PDF

The Ford Pinto Case and the Development of Auto Safety Regulations, 1893-1978
Matthew T. Lee
  View as PDF

Regulation, Industry Structure, and Competitiveness in the U.S. Portland Cement Industry
James C. Mabry
  View as PDF

Patents, Public Policy, and Petrochemical Processes in the Post-World War II Period
John Kenly Smith, Jr.
  View as PDF

The Agency System in the International Distribution of U.S. Machine Tools, 1900-1915: Social Norms and Contracts
Roberto Mazzoleni
  View as PDF

Taxing the Intangibles: How States Pursued Corporate Wealth in the Early Twentieth Century
Dante J. Scala
  View as PDF

British Industry and European Integration, 1961-73: From First Applications to Final Membership
Neil Rollings
  View as PDF

Italian Capitalism between the Private and Public Sectors, 1933-1993
Luciano Segreto
  View as PDF

Government's Economic Role: German Artisanal Corporatism in the Postwar Period
Frederick L. McKitrick
  View as PDF

The Reich Association of German Industry's Proposal to "Privatize" the German National Railway, 1921-1922
Alfred C. Mierzejewski
  View as PDF

On Applying Agency Theory in Historical Accounting Research
Robert Bricker
and Nandini Chandar   View as PDF

Education, Employment, and Certification: An Oral History of the Entry of Women into the Canadian Accounting Profession
Carol A. McKeen
and Alan J. Richardson   View as PDF

Regulating Corporate Annual Reports in Australia
Ray H. Anderson
  View as PDF