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Enterprise & Society
Volume 1 Number 1 March 2000


Editor's Introduction
    William J. Hausman

Flexibility in the "Age of Fordism": Technology and Production in the International Automobile Industry
    Jonathan Zeitlin


Reconciling Automation and Flexibility? Technology and Production in the Postwar British Motor Vehicle Industry
    Jonathan Zeitlin

Markets, Networks, and the Rise of Chrysler in Old Detroit, 1920-1940
    Michael Schwartz

Automation, Transfer Machinery, and Mass Production in the U.S. Automobile Industry in the Post-World War II Era
    David A. Hounshell

Automation and the Organization of Production in the Japanese Automobile Industry: Nissan and Toyota in the 1950s
    Eisuke Daito

On the Internet

Revisiting Business Historians and the Internet
    K. Austin Kerr

In Memoriam

Remembering Robert Sobel
    David B. Sicilia


Hagley Museum and Library. "Beauty and Business" Conference
    Reviewed by Gwen Kay

Susan Strasser, Charles McGovern, and Matthias Judt, eds. Getting and Spending: European and American Consumer Societies in the Twentieth Century
    Reviewed by Regina Lee Blaszczyk

Stephen W. Ward. Selling Places: The Marketing and Promotion of Towns and Cities, 1850-2000
    Reviewed by Louise Nelson

Mira Wilkins and Harm Schröter, eds. The Free-Standing Company in the World Economy, 1830-1996
    Reviewed by Roger Middleton

Jean-Philippe Robé. L'entreprise et le droit
    Reviewed by Robert J. Smith

Lars Engwall and Vera Zamagni, eds. Management Education in Historical Perspective
T. R. Gourvish and Nick Tiratsoo, eds. Missionaries and Managers: American Influences on European Management Education
    Reviewed by Christopher McKenna

Douglas Peter Mackaman. Leisure Settings: Bourgeois Culture, Medicine, and the Spa in Modern France
    Reviewed by Amy Weise Forbes

Carlo Marco Belfanti and Terenzio Maccabelli, eds. Un paradigma per i distretti industriali: Radici storiche. attualità e sfide future
    Reviewed by Ferdinando Fasce

Geoffrey Timmins. Made in Lancashire: A History of Regional Industrialisation
    Reviewed by John Singleton

Sean O'Connell. The Car in British Society: Class, Gender and Motoring, 1896-1939
    Reviewed by Janet F. Davidson

J. Robert Brown, Jr. The Ministry of Finance: Bureaucratic Practices and the Transformation of the Japanese Economy
    Reviewed by Mansel G. Blackford

Michael Edward Stanfield. Red Rubber, Bleeding Trees: Violence, Slavery, and Empire in Northwest Amazonia, 1850-1933
    Reviewed by Steven Topik

T. M. Thomas Isaac, Richard W. Franke, and Pyaralai Raghavan. Democracy at Work in an Indian Industrial Cooperative: The Story of Kerala Dinesh Beedi
    Reviewed by Sanjay Marwah

Gregory Votolato. American Design in the Twentieth Century: Personality and Performance
    Reviewed by Glenn Porter

Olivier Zunz. Why the American Century?
    Reviewed by Peter Wardley

Christopher Bracken. The Potlatch Papers: A Colonial Case History
    Reviewed by Timothy Burke

Paul E. Ceruzzi. A History of Modern Computing
    Reviewed by John Wilson

Dan Schiller. Digital Capitalism: Networking the Global Market System
    Reviewed by Andrew Weiss

Judith Stein. Running Steel, Running America: Race, Economic Policy, and the Decline of Liberalism
    Reviewed by Mark Reutter

Kevin J. Fernlund, ed. The Cold War American West, 1945-1989
    Reviewed by Clark Davis

Stephen B. Adams and Orville R. Butler. Manufacturing the Future: A History of Western Electric
    Reviewed by Gerald Zahavi

Karen S. Miller. The Voice of Business: Hill & Knowlton and Postwar Public Relations
    Reviewed by Louis P. Cain

Lawrence J. Nelson. King Cotton's Advocate: Oscar G. Johnston and the New Deal
    Reviewed by Tony Shuler

Edwin J. Perkins. Wall Street to Main Street: Charles Merrill and Middle-Class Investors
    Reviewed by Michael French

Jo G. Pritchard. Making Things Grow: The Story of Mississippi Chemical Corporation
    Reviewed by David B. Sicilia


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