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Syllabi and Reading Lists

The syllabi and other materials listed below represent only a fraction of the courses actually taught in the fields of business and economic history. This listing represents those that were sent in by their authors (marked by a ) and those that could be collected from open web sites. Institutional affiliations reflect the time when the syllabus was composed.

Please note that these materials represent considerable time and effort on the part of their authors. They are meant to serve as guidelines for those constructing courses; if you borrow wholesale either language or concept, it would be courteous to acknowledge the source.

We are eager to add to these listings. Please send suggestions to Pat Denault.

teaching business history commentary

other syllabi collections

business history

U.S. Business History

Business History—Non-U.S., Comparative

history of capitalism


Non-U.S., Comparative

u.s. economic history

economic history—non-u.s., world, and comparative



East Asia

Mexico and Latin America

specific topics

African American Business History

Business and Government/Regulation/Political Economy

Business and Society/Culture

Canadian Business History

Consumers and Consumer Culture

Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship

Financial Crises


Great Depression and New Deal

History of Technology and Innovation

Industrial Revolution/Industrialization

Money and Finance

Multinational Enterprise

Organizations and Structure

Miscellaneous Topics

reading lists