Marcus Allen

Morgan State University

    Marcus Allen is a recent graduate of Morgan State University. He employs economic methodologies to understand the African American experience. His dissertation, "Cautiously Capitalistic: Black Economic Agency at the Savings Bank of Baltimore, 1850-1900," explores the economic patterns and lives of African American depositors at a white-operated savings bank in nineteenth-century Baltimore. Whereas a compelling historiography has argued that African Americans demonstrated agency in their lives through forms of resistance, Allen's contribution examines agency through positive, proactive economic behaviors; his research shows that black savers not only transcended the socio-economic barriers of mid- to late nineteenth century America, but also cultivated a capitalistic ethos. He is also interested in the economic history of slavery, the place of corporations in American history, and business history in the Gilded Age. Although he was not at the 2014 meeting, he looks forward to conversations at future meetings.

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Doctoral Colloquium Participation

Doctoral Colloquium 2012, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania